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11 November 2011, 1336
my name is ronny

iam looking one year in this forum now and got many information - so thanks @ all
iam electric freerider since 2004. it all starts with the original electricmoto blade 04 (enter blade 04 on you tube its our vid). after riding 5 years with the bike i wanna a better bike. one year ago i decide to built my own bike. so the convert took me 3 months and some test drives another 2 month till everything work perfect and i had alot of fun this summer.
i wanna show you guys how to convert a bike - german style

so lets check out my Sickfaith - BLADE


11 November 2011, 1404
Welcome Ronny.
Nice build. Bad attitude ;)

11 November 2011, 1416

11 November 2011, 1610
I just looked at the video. I don't know... something doesn't seem Kosher here.

11 November 2011, 1720
Yeah, right Harry. It doesn't have a transmish. :D

Great stuff, man. Now you gotta do LIPO!


11 November 2011, 2142
It's like a 2.5times heavier, and half-power version of my electric commuter bicycle. :-)

Which I bet is a ton of fun on the dirt. :-) Nice job working those 38120 cells into a pack that looks like it will hold together. Nice fit and finish too.

23 November 2011, 1138

does anybody try a Torque Control Module yet ??

check out http://www.picoamps.de/automotive/en/products_main_en.htm

23 November 2011, 1601

does anybody try a Torque Control Module yet ??

check out http://www.picoamps.de/automotive/en/products_main_en.htm

Yes, I've tried them, very cool stuff. Makes a speed-control throttle on an Altrax feel MUCH better to use.

19 April 2012, 1502

so i ve tried the pico amps torrque module and its a way much better feeling to ride !
but you have to try all the adjustments to know whats best for your application.
i also got a new aluminium rear sprocket, the old one was stainless steel and is too heavy. with the alu one the accleration is much better

19 April 2012, 1727
Nice build! Like the glass job....finished up great.

23 April 2012, 1212
flying e bikes coming down 3071

23 April 2012, 1437
Nice! Flyin!

25 April 2012, 0630
RONNY! thank you very much for riding your bike hard! I see way too many videos of of people using half throttle with both feet dragging on the ground. Keep it pinned. Do you have any video updates of the bike in action?

25 April 2012, 0701
flying e bikes coming down 3071

What no front flip? :>} Schon Luft!

25 April 2012, 0751
ibjedi got some gopro vids from last riding but cant opened with my old computer. its a matter of time to get a new pc for cutting hd vids. will pimp out the bike sticker design at the weekend so saty tuned.

25 April 2012, 0819
Hello Ronny,

Really cool! Are you planning to make a motard? Do you have plans to make it street legal?

Los Angeles
ps love scorpions "rock you like a hurricane" all time favorite!

26 April 2012, 0507
Hi Ronny
das nenn ich mal air time;)

28 April 2012, 0011
@ yankee1919 no iam not planning to make it street legal. in germany its very hard to get a street lincence for "prototypes". but hey i made it for the dirt! i use my silverado truck to carrie the bike around (i like the american way), in addition the bike gets more heavier with lights and that stuff.
by the way iam planning a electric bobber conversion with hub motor for street legal riding

29 July 2012, 0743
got some new riding pics of the last 2 weeks3461346234633464

06 September 2012, 1219
got new rims and tires :-)


06 September 2012, 1230
some more action pics 35893590

09 September 2012, 1058

10 September 2012, 0139
Amazing bike,riding skills and photos!


MilleMoto Sweden
11 September 2012, 1024
How cool wouldnt it be to get a pro rider on that in a competition, seems like a big gap you are jumping! And who knows you might get some people start ordering bikes afterwards ;)

11 September 2012, 1129
Yawn....how about first elmoto back flip! Kidding about the yawn....heavy duty nards required for those jumps!

17 September 2012, 0341
Really cool build & photo's & video!!
You should show Ken Roczen that bike if you get the opportunity.

19 May 2013, 1100
New welding skills with my new metabo welder .me making Alu sidecovers442844284429

19 May 2013, 1109
Why i call her Blade ? Cause she is so slim like a knife 44304431

20 May 2013, 0815
Really cool Ronny,

Is the metal use to cover your battery pack or actual battery holder?

Los Angeles

22 May 2013, 1414
Yeah the cover prevents the pack to side motion,
Two springs in the back and front helps to stay in place.
Pack change in 2 minutes possibl
My Elcon charger need to be reprogrammed, when i got him back
I can start the Season ! 446144624463

22 May 2013, 1421
Pack with installed LiPo savers ,loud buzzer tell me when one zell drops
under selected voltage.

23 May 2013, 0805
Thanks Ronny,

The battery pack looks awesome, it even looks a little "hermit crabish".

Los Angeles

13 August 2013, 1205
4850nLiPo battarie paxk works very well and had lots of power!!! Jumped the fmx ramp on a 60feet gap. So when hobbyking got some nanotechs in stock i will build me a nother pack for shure!

13 August 2013, 1323
Nice ronny! Looks like it is holding up well to your punishment!

03 September 2013, 1328

03 September 2013, 1332
So did another few cycles on my LiPo,
Lots of fun!
Ordered a set of new brushes for my agni.

04 September 2013, 1749
Do you have any videos on you tube? What is top speed geared at?

05 September 2013, 0819
Make sure you don't let the pack sit with all the LiPo buzzers/voltage indicators plugged into it, or they will drain the first 2 cells in each pack in a few days.

13 September 2013, 0400
Yeah i use these buzzers for riding only. The pack sit and wait with 3.7V per cell. When i go riding i make a charge. I use liPo medics for balance and discharging. A Lipo batterie is like a baby you have to look at him. Cant wait to get a second pack for next season. Then i ve got twins ;-)