View Full Version : Thanks, Ed, and I'm sorry to see you go.

03 September 2010, 0606
After a few days of drama, I saw all of Ed's posts get deleted, then his ID disappeared as well.

I really don't know what happened, and sincerely hope that my twisted sense of humor wasn't part of the cause, but I just want to publicly thank Ed for all the help he gave me. He is an incredibly knowledgeable builder- not only because of his understanding of the theory, but because of his actual experience and generosity- at one point, early on, he just told me to call him... we talked a lot, he even sold me, and gave me a lot of stuff to put together my bike in a really short time.

This group has been a wonderful chance to meet and work with some great people. I've met a few in person, and everybody has been a joy to become acquainted with. We all have our differences, I'm sure, but it seems we all share a mutual love and commitment to electric motorcycles above all, and a respect for each other.

Like I said, I'm not sure what made Ed pull his membership, and why he didn't feel he wanted to even just hang around... but it's done, and I do hope he reconsiders. He's invested a ton of time on ElMoto, and it would be a damn shame to lose him.

Thanks again Ed... sorry to see you go.

03 September 2010, 0708
Are you kidding me? Say it ain't so Ed?

03 September 2010, 1347
Sorry to hear this. Thanks for your commitment ED.
Thanks for your help too.
You were an awesome person to know.

03 September 2010, 2203
Wow that sucks, assuming you are talking about "juiced". That was one name where you made sure to read any thread it was attached to because you knew there was a good chance you would learn something interesting. What happened?

04 September 2010, 0738
Ed, if this is as it appears, I'm sad to see you go. I have definitely appreciated the insight and experience you have shared here.

04 September 2010, 1052
Sorry to see Ed go. I appreciated all of his insight and the help he gave to me and many others. /salute