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Jack Riggi
24 November 2011, 1617
Hello, I just got these today, they are new in design. The old-style terminals used 4 small screw connections the new ones use one 10 mm bolt connection terminals. The older 40 amp batteries were kind of the teal green in color these are more blue

24 November 2011, 1652
That looks more like CALB. Are you sure they're GBS?

Jack Riggi
24 November 2011, 1715
Not 100% positive at this time, but the battery company I am dealing with at this time as far as I know has only been selling GBS cells and he just got these in the other day brand-new packs and they are identical size to my older GBS 40 amp hour back. I don't think the CLAB. pack would make them identically the same sizes as the GBS cells! But who knows nowadays. I checked the cells out there's no name or anything on it anywhere. So as far as I know they're just a new improved GBS 40 amp hours cell with the new 10 mm bolt connection. When I talk to the salesman in a few days I will get some clarification on what type of cells they are!

24 November 2011, 1724
I'm 99% sure they're not GBS. GBS makes a big deal of their 4 bolt connectors and integrated space for BMS boards and covers.

24 November 2011, 1938
It looks exactly like a CALB 40Ah.



GBS are generally more expensive than CALB. Check your invoice to see which you were charged for.

Jack Riggi
26 November 2011, 0049
I can't check my invoice because I did not buy them I am useing them to see where I am going to put my other 2 -24 volt pack in my Green Thang also I am working on something new for the CEO of the lithium battery company so I got them for free but they are going back to him when I finish the work I am doing for him but hopefuly I can get some more for more work he wants me to do. I will ask him next time I see him if they are a new style GBS or CALB like every one seam to think they are!only time will tell because he never answers his phone much when he know it me calling him up! if he does not cantact me it looks like I will get these for free ha ha !

Jack Riggi
26 November 2011, 2054
U Guy's are right 100% I talked to him today & he said that there were CALB batterys!!! my mistake!!! they I go trying to think again & don't know JACK!! yep he said GBS alway use the 4 screw in stead of the one bolt like the CALB's

26 November 2011, 2217
Whew...good to know.

Calb are still good.