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Jack Riggi
28 November 2011, 2027
When I first got my motor it had a jumper cable going from terminal A2 to terminal S1 for what reason I do not know. The motor has four terminals marked A2,S2 on one side of the motor and on the other side A1, S1 I have been reading the manual for my Curtis controller that says that A1 should be hooked up to that M - on the controller and S1 terminal should go to the B+ terminal on the controller. I will include a picture of the motor and the jumper cable that's on it now. My question is do I take that jumper cable off of the motor or do I leave it on? Like I said I'm not even sure what it was on there for it was like that when I picked up the motor.

28 November 2011, 2034
It has to be there.

A1 and A2 are the Armature connections.
S1 and S2 are the field windings.

For one direction, you jumper A2 to S1 and connect A1 to M- and S2 to M+ (like in the manual).
For reverse direction, you jumper A2 to S2 and connect A1 to M- and S1 to M+.

This is a series wound motor, it's got field and armature in series with eachother. Flipping polarity on the incoming connections do not reverse the motor, you need to reverse direction by connecting the jumper one way or another. If it's the wrong way, connect the jumper differently.

DO NOT connect BOTH S1 and S2 to the controller, or A1 and A2 to the controller. It's too little resistance and may short the controller, and it will not cause any movement in the motor. Connect as I explained above only.

Jack Riggi
28 November 2011, 2101
Thank you for the help and information. When you said to hook it up to the M + like in the manual, I guess you mean B+ because I just now looked in the manual and there is no M+. There are three terminals B+,B- & M-thanks again

28 November 2011, 2146
yeah, sure thing. Draw it out first and check connections before you just connect it. Always double check and ALWAYS fuse!

Don't ask me how I know....lol

Jack Riggi
28 November 2011, 2218
What would be the best size fuse and make? Could you use a circuit breaker?

28 November 2011, 2244
Read the manual for the controller, it tells you what to use.

You could use a circuit breaker, but it ABSOLUTELY has to be for DC current. AC current breakers will NOT work.

Make sure you size it correctly according to your controller manual.

Jack Riggi
28 November 2011, 2313
ok thanks again!