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09 December 2011, 2210
I'm looking into getting one of the elite power solutions turn-key kits.
All the kits have an option of "with CAN" or "without CAN".
My question is....What is CAN?
Should I consider this in case I need it later?
Ok, 2 questions.
Thanks for the help.

09 December 2011, 2302
CAN-Bus is a computer communication bus/protocol that's mainly used in automotive applications (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controller_area_network). In this case, the BMS (or "EMS" as they call it), has the option to have a CAN interface or not. Getting the BMS that speaks CAN will allow you to hook up a computer or microcontroller (that has a CAN interface of its own) to talk to the BMS to fetch information about it.

A couple of folks here have used Arduino microcontrollers with home built or pre-built CAN interface hardware to talk to controllers and other parts of the bike that speak CAN.

If you're not going to have a computer or microcontroller that will talk to the BMS, you probably don't need the BMS with the CAN interface.

10 December 2011, 0759
Thanks Tango!

10 December 2011, 1529
They are a competitor but I have had no problems working with them when we have had a client using products from our 2 companies. We have also done independent tests on the GBS cells and they are a good option.