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03 January 2012, 1536
A reporter in my newspaper today wrote a column regarding his investigation concerning Prius batteries problems and their maximum life. He spoke with dealers, cab companies, government agencies and other long-term Prius owners and could not find one example of anyone having problems with their batteries, or having to change out their batteries due to poor performance, even after 200,000 miles of driving the car over the past 10 years. It was mentioned that Consumer Reports tested a 2002 Prius with nearly 208,000 miles on the clock and they said that it performed nearly identically with the car that they tested in 2001.

He checked on the cost of replacing the batteries by a dealership and was quoted a price of between $2,200 and $2,600. However, the article said that crashed cars in a salvage yard could supply batteries if anyone needed a replacement for around $500. Considering how much new cells cost from the usual sources it kind of makes you wonder if used Prius batteries could be used for other purposes besides moving a Prius around a slow speeds. (Says someone who knows nothing about Prius batteries.) :confused:

03 January 2012, 1554
150 pounds, and 6.5 kWh sounds pretty good. Oops! That was Ah. 2.78 kWh at 150 pounds sucks. :-(


03 January 2012, 1623
Oh well. I guess that is why the batteries last so long, they are very under-stressed. Might be useful in a home solar power set-up though.

03 January 2012, 1909
They're nimh. Lithium would be a lot lighter. The cells alone are 100lb, 150lb is the pack with electronics (I think). 41 W-h/kg is a little better than lead.

I think they aren't run below 50%, but don't quote me.

04 January 2012, 0914
Hopefully Dice will chime in here. The Predator used to run on salvaged Prius packs. They're not as good as lithium, but apparently offer quite a bang for the buck.

04 January 2012, 1558
I just read that Honda is involved in a class-action lawsuit regarding their hybrid Civic. Their owners claim that the batteries are dying an early death and they are only getting 30 mpg, instead of the 50 mpg they were "promised". I guess you can't believe anything you hear from a car dealer anymore. :O