View Full Version : wanted agni 95r

07 January 2012, 1405
anyone got an agni 95r for sale ? good or bad ............

Nuts & Volts
07 January 2012, 1920
I WANT to upgrade mine to a 60kw AC motor, but the setup I want isn't available yet. So i guess what I'm saying is I may be getting ride of my agni sometime this year...I think your only real source for one maybe Jozzer whom was mentioned in another thread. Liveforphysics may have some available, but you'd have to ask him.

08 January 2012, 0113
let me know when you decide on upgrading your system , ive been offered 1 new motor ,so maybe by the time you change your system i will be ready for the second motor !

Nuts & Volts
08 January 2012, 0936
will do sir

ARC EV Racing
08 January 2012, 1018
Steve (Jozzer) has a web shop now - www.jozztek.com/shop/ . He has the 95r and the new 111rdr is on its way.

I think we still have a melted 95r, which probably needs a new armature. Steve stocks spare parts too.

08 January 2012, 1117
jozztek was one of the first sites i found when i started looking into the 95r , how much you want for the melted motor ?

ARC EV Racing
09 January 2012, 0227
I'm not sure what's left of our old motor now but I've asked Brendan to have a look.

Depending on what's left it might be worth us shipping it direct to Steve for repair, then let him ship it on to you.

ARC EV Racing
09 January 2012, 0528
OK it seems our motor needs a new armature and brushes, and probably a brush holder too. The shaft is currently 'missing' but that may turn up. so it's not exactly 'as new'!

Honestly you're probably better just buying a new one, but we're open to an offer if you want to rebuild this. Might be worth an email to Steve; copy this in and find out what it'll cost to fix it vs a new one. He knows who we are so get him to give me (Matt) a call if you like.

09 January 2012, 1102
at the moment to be honest just the broken motor would be fine so i can use it to start the build , the fini8shed thing will be a ways off so once i get the thing designed into the build i can send it to be sorted . you know best how much you want basically for the shell ! i will send a message with an offer and then we can haggle , cos you got to haggle ...beards ,beards come buy my lovly beards ........................

ARC EV Racing
10 January 2012, 0244
Ha ha well we're not going to be haggling too hard! We moved away from Agni's for our race builds so it probably wouldn't have been used anyway. Besides it's always good to help someone out with a new build. I'll PM ya.