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09 January 2012, 2242
this is just a quicky , ive seen the answer to this but damned if i can find or remember it !!!!!!! to much info in such a short space of time , guessin it fell out of left ear as the wife is always on the right one ,must have pushed it out .........
i saw somewhere a figure for kwh/mile , i can find a car , round 0.3 , but what is a motorcycle , memory says .08 but i dont trust it any more ,can someone fill the void .................thx

09 January 2012, 2311
It can varry widely. Super faired high effencey stuff can be near 70wh/mile (.07kwh/mile) up to well over 150wh/mile (.15kwh/mile) at freeway speed. Many factors effect this but I normaly use 125wh/mile as my target for a full size sport bike. If your ridding is a lot of stop and go it could be worse.

Electrics are more sensitive to riding style (2 riders same bike same speed = very differnt results) than the ICE counterparts are.

09 January 2012, 2316
ok so 0.1 would be a good loose guesstimate.................

p.s where are me batteries .........................LOL

10 January 2012, 1007
.125-.15 is what id use. Considering the size and speed you want.

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