View Full Version : Moto-Electra will be on display at International Motorcycle Show in DC

10 January 2012, 1625
This weekend, bitches! Just got this from Brian:

The Moto-Electra will be on display at this weekends International Motorcycle Show in Washington, DC. If you know of anyone in the D.C. area that might be interested, please tell them that we will be in town. This is the last scheduled event for the Moto-Electra Team .. and perhaps the end of the road for us. Moto-Electra will share the booth with the Norton Owners Club. I am very grateful that the the Norton Owners Club followed our efforts, and have provided their exhibition space for our machine.

It is exciting have this opportunity to show the bike to a very large crowd while our accomplishments are still relevant. It will be very interesting to see what kind of reaction the bike receives. I will be in the DC/Annapolis area from January 13th through the 16th.

10 January 2012, 1645
It was a pleasure to have spent time with the Moto-Electra team over the past couple years. Will not be the same without them around but I for one am thankfull for the role they have played in advancing this movment.

Have a great show in DC and enjoy your riding time on that fun bike.