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24 January 2012, 0851
According to Ultimate MotorCycling, Pikes Research (a company that I am not familiar with) has evaluated the World's major electric motorcycle manufacturers and believes that Zero is the top dog in today's market and has the brightest future. Read their article here: http://www.ultimatemotorcycling.com/2012/zero-motorcycles-tops-pike-pulse-research

25 January 2012, 0957
"Pikes Research...believes that Zero is the top dog in today's market"

Let's see. I live in central Virginia. I have seen one, two year old, unsold Zero at a dealership, in Richmond. I have seen one Current mega scooter, ridden by the manufacturer, at Mid-Ohio. I have driven a Leaf at my local dealer. Other than electric bicycles, I have seen no commercially produced electric vehicles, in private hands, to date.

To make a metaphor, I would have to say that all the research groups, web bloggers, and politicians are an enormous load of fleas for one virtual dog to carry. :-)

25 January 2012, 1521
I just want to clarify my last post. By "virtual" I didn't mean to imply that the Zero is not a real motorcycle. In fact, the new models appear to be real, much improved, practical, production motorcycles. And I hope the economy recovers enough for them to make a go of it. It is just that the 24 hour news cycle, the internet, and politics, has turned the EV industry into the repository for some people's hope for the future, and other's spectre of socialist doom. That is a lot of baggage for a motorcycle to carry.

25 January 2012, 2017
IMHO Vectrix still a lot ahead in the EV market , ok , Vectrix are scooter and not Motorbike , but by now I really cannot see how other brands can catch a 4+ year head-start.
After Vectrix another well know brand with a lot of bike running around is Quantya , not all are street legal , a lot of them are used in closed circuit but they are starting to be a common view around , and also there are some good offer on used bike

25 January 2012, 2257
If Vectrix wants to keep up, it's going to have to bring it's prices down. The VX-1 Li is $12k. That's $500 more than the 2012 Zero S, with a lower top speed and less range. Not to mention it's not a motorcycle...that may actually appeal to some folks (I do love my scooter), but usually scooters are cheaper than motorcycles, especially if they're slower.

If you want a scooter, there's ZEV - the 7100 is as fast as the Vectrix with similar range for $8k.

I'm not sure what the state of politics is generally, but Colorado isn't exactly a liberal state, and we have a huge tax credit for EVs. I got most of my motor and batteries paid for through a tax credit, and I know a guy that got about $4000 back on his ZEV...he ended up paying less for the scooter than what the batteries alone were worth. I estimated you could get the 9 kWh Zero S for about $6000 with the same credit.

26 January 2012, 0829
Speaking of the VX-1Li, I saw a teaser in the current issue of Motorcycle Consumer News, that says they will be testing this electric scooter in their March issue. When I get that issue next month, I will post a summary of their review and performance figures. It is nice to see a general monthly motorcycle magazine go looking for EVs to review - especially ones that have a very small market penetration.

26 January 2012, 1034
Cycle Worls also has bits on electrics, in just about every issue for the last 6 months. some are full features, some are just little spots, but so far they've been doing a pretty good job highlighting new developments.

26 January 2012, 1315
The current issue of Motorcyclist has a review of the KTM Freeride electric. They also seem to have a little bit about electrics every issue recently.

26 January 2012, 1537
The current issue of Motorcyclist has a review of the KTM Freeride electric. They also seem to have a little bit about electrics every issue recently.

I just saw that when I thumbed-through the magazine that I received today. But I haven't seen anything about the Vectrix since (I think it was) Cycle World test rode one about a year after they came out and overheated the motor going up a freeway hill. Plus, I can't ever recall Motorcycle Consumer News testing a scooter of any type before. Both of their usual testers are part-time motorcycle racers and it will be interesting to read their take on an electric scooter.