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06 September 2010, 1500
Here is the new toy.

The Specs:
72 volt Gel cells (soon to be 84 Volts)
3 wheel, motorcycle. It is VINed /licensed and insured as a motorcycle.
It even has a center on all the time motorcycle light.
72VDC Delta-Q charger
80V Curtis Controller
30 Mile range, 45 MPH (local commuting only ....go figure)
and people will stare at you!!!!



And it even has a fake tail pipes??? Whats that all about? :)


and yes, we got a DEAL on it..... I would say to drive it like we stole it, but that would be silly!


06 September 2010, 1511
its just begging for some lithium!

06 September 2010, 1512
Way to go Green Ed! ;)

06 September 2010, 1551
Lithium would be great and it is due for a battery change....mmmmm......If only I could find a sponsor?



09 September 2010, 1620
You should be happy Travis!

I now have a series motor (where do the brushes go???) , a Curtis controller (to many wires! ) and a Delta Q charger( may be up for sale soon)
to play with....I am expanding my horizons every day!!!

CRaZy Ed

09 September 2010, 1621
Way to go Green Ed! ;)

LOL...Yes it is REALLY GREEN!!!

I am slow...I just got that joke!!



Harold in CR
11 September 2010, 0527
Out of extreme curiosity, does the one wheel front end ever feel tippy when turning at speed ?? Being short and narrow, that's the impression I get when looking at that car ??

11 September 2010, 0733
You would have thought, but it has independent rear suspension and all of the wheels have disk brakes. The shocks are adjustable coil overs.

It does not ride like a BMW, but I do not ever feel it is going to tip over. The batteries are set low in the frame too.

Of course the top speed is 45 so it is not like you are going down the highway and needing to make a quick lane change.


11 September 2010, 0742
Many years ago, around 1963, I worked for the Post Office during the summer to make money for college. At that time the Postal Service decided to purchase a bunch of Cushman 3-wheeled enclosed scooters (like are used by meter-maids), with a tricycle design, as delivery vehicles for postmen. Those things did not have a very wide wheelbase and you had to be very careful when going around sharp corners. More than one mailman managed to tip one over in the middle of an intersection while turning a corner. After a couple of years of that experiment, the PO dumped the scooters and eventually gave urban postmen the current Jeeps.

I believe that a tricycle configuration with two wheels in front and one in back, like an old Morgan, makes for a more stable motor vehicle than does having one wheel in front and two in the rear.

I might add that before the scooters came along, you drove your own car to the start of your mail delivery route with your mail sack filled with your first few streets worth of mail. The rest of the mail was delivered by truck to various ugly green steel locked mailboxes that were scattered around the city. You carried the mail by foot along your route and when you ran of of mail in your leather bag, you would find yourself at a green box where you would pick up the mail for the next leg of your route. At that time I only owned a motor scooter and I used that to carry my loaded mail sack between my legs while riding to the beginning of my route. At least that is what I did until the Postmaster saw me. That put an end to that fun. I then had to buy a car to carry myself and the mail to my route in a "secure manner". That was when I bought my first car, a used DKW Junior for which I paid $400. While this 3-cylinder, two-stroke, car was goofy, it did keep myself and the mail dry on the way to the start of my route.

11 September 2010, 1037
Interesting info and history of your younger years.

The Spyder motorcycles have the "reverse' 3 wheel design. The are also LOW to the ground that I think makes a difference.

Tripod Ed

Harold in CR
11 September 2010, 1109
I also was thinking about intersections. I'm slowly gathering designs and info for building a reverse trike car type moto. Figuring out the front end suspension and spindles are where I'm at right now. Everything down here gets used past it's useful life, then scrapped. I would love to find a complete VW Bug front end suspension and axles.

Saw a leaning chassis build on another forum. It is reverse trike with engine, not EV. Uses a Moto swing arm, of which I have a brand new one.

Sorry for hijacking your thread, Ed.

12 September 2010, 1337
Ed, I had to show you this! This is my son Tyler- he's on a year study abroad in Japan, his host Dad took him for a personal tour of the Toyota Auto Museum- (I guess he helped set it up) among other things, he sent these shots:


Rear view:

This too:


12 September 2010, 1356
Just before he was arrested and sent to Mongolia for messing with the displays????

Sound like something I (and Ted) would do!! LOL

Looks like he had a great time !!

12 September 2010, 1401
He did- it was awesome the guy could do it for him... I guess that's how he got to sit in them without that nasty Mongolia business. :D

12 September 2010, 1423
I did notice that all of the had the third wheel in the back. I have never driven one like that.

I wonder if that is the steering wheel or just the drive wheel.

I was looking into adding a 4th to ours.

12 September 2010, 1534
I remember when the 3-wheel Messerchmitt scooter was announced in Popular Science around 1954. It was claimed that the vehicle used war surplus Messerchmitt 109 aircraft canopies. I believe it was powered by a single-cylinder two stroke scooter engine of around 200 cc driving the rear wheel. The Messerchmitt was featured in one of the original Avengers episodes at the end of the show, when Mrs. Peel and John Steed rode off into the British overcast in one of these things. It smoked a lot.

12 September 2010, 1550
Did it steer from the front or the back Mr wizard?

12 September 2010, 1820
The two front tires steered the thing. The steering "wheel" looked like something used in a private airplane. I happen to have a model of a later version of the vehicle. I also have a model of the Isetta (which is powered by a single-cylinder 4-stroke 280cc 18 hp fan-cooled BMW motorcycle engine) pulling a trailer. Apparently this was a set-up sometimes used in Germany to go camping. Life was slower in Germany during those days. I'll bet the top speed of the Isetta while pulling a trailer was about 20 mph. Attached are photos of the models.

12 September 2010, 1835
That is one Cooooool Model!!!!

13 September 2010, 0332
Great models, Richard! The Messerchmitt also appeared in Terry Gilliam's film "Brazil!"

13 September 2010, 0410
I think that green car Ty is in must be the Isetta you're showing- it has a BMW emblem on it, and the front opens like you're showing. Cool!

13 September 2010, 0635
The two wheel in front and one in the back are featured on four electric vehicles that may be in production next year. Zap Alias, Aptera, Evaro, and Arcimoto Pulse. They are all classified as motorcycles with enclosed compartments. As long as they keep the price down and range up I think they could take off with the public.

13 September 2010, 0741
I hope to drive one of the reverse three wheelers next year. We have a EV store in GA I want to visit. (If it is still there.....)

13 September 2010, 0814
If you like model motorcycles, here is a photo of the china cabinet in my dining room. Not much china left in this cabinet, though. :D

13 September 2010, 1057
That is the best use of a china cabinet I have ever seen!!!!!!