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07 February 2012, 0940
Hello All,

My name is Tony and I reside in Los Angeles/ Eagle Rock area. I honored to be on this forum and I am very much interested in converting a vespa to electric.


07 February 2012, 0944
Hi Tony! Do you already have the Vespa?

07 February 2012, 1003
Hello Scoot440

Yes, it is a 74 Rally 200, I bought it last year when I was going thru my scooter phase (i have many phases, not good for piggy bank), I had picked up a classic 58VBB and a friend of mine was selling a project Rally. I sold the gas motor and now looking at the options in electric motors and hardware.


07 February 2012, 1004
where is a good place to find vespa?

i have a 48volt kelly system i would like to find a project for...

07 February 2012, 1025
Rally 200 is a great place to start - just be prepared to catch grief from Vespa purists. If you have not already, check out Soundspeed Scooters. They manufacture a swingarm and base a conversion on the components from an EVT168. Allen, there are thriving Vespa groups in Dallas and there are several scooterists in OKC. Check out the classifieds on scoot.net. Unless you specifically want a Vespa, I keep eying Mitsubishi Silver Pigeons and Cushman step-throughs as great conversion candidates.

07 February 2012, 1035
just be prepared to catch grief from Vespa purists.

I thought I'd catch hell from all the R5/RD350/400 purists too... quite the opposite, though. There's a small group here in Boston, in fact, that thinks the R5e is totally cool, and are making a ride out to see the shop. Especially if you're taking a vintage bike and breathing new life into it, I think people get behind it...

...but maybe those Vespa guys are more hardcore. :D

07 February 2012, 1144
The difference here is just the rarity of the model. If you had built yours out of a Kenny Roberts RZ350 you might have a little different reaction.

07 February 2012, 1149
Hi Tony. If you need any help getting your hands on the rights parts, we're happy to help and not too far away from you. Good luck with the project. I hope you'll bring it by the shop when it's finished!

07 February 2012, 1240
Hello Harlan,
Will do, it's great that there is a supportive community going on here. I have been viewing some of the other builds on the forum and Wow!

Allen, look for a project on your local scooter group. There is a guy in los angles craigslist who has a lot of vespa stuff but try your local groups. Don't limit yourself on the vespa, I was going to first tackle a honda metropolitan or honda ruckus but found the vespa first. I would shoot even for a 80's honda elite.2608

Good luck.

07 February 2012, 1322
i thought i would throw this image in - its a awesome looking vespa... for sale on ebay...


07 February 2012, 1411
Hello Allen,

I would say look for something in your area, as price goes-I purchased vespa 1200.00 sold, engine 700.00 balance 500.00. Now remember that is a project and I needed to think of the components that I need, electric motor, controller, batteries and black electrical tape. I am in the process of getting a list of materials to make a test bench and some sort of voltage test setup.

I hope this helps.
Btw I still am a Hd sportster/buell nut.
live to ride, ride to live.
new moto
live to ride, ride to ev? (should work on a new moto)

07 February 2012, 1506
yup me too, my choice of weapon is a Honda Shadow - but i still love the scooters too - they are a lot of fun to ride...