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12 February 2012, 1029
I just ordered the 72 volt 60ah Battery pack and was wondering what I need to do to break in the battery pack so that I can get the most out of the batteries...

12 February 2012, 2153
Opinions will vary - basically, you should charge them, run them pretty easy, then charge them again. Did you get the GBS with the new BMS and LCD display? A couple charge cycles while keeping the current under 180A should do it. After that they should be balanced and "broken in". Probably a good idea to check the voltage on each cell when they're charged and make sure they're pretty close (all within about 0.02V)

The best thing for getting the most life out of the batteries is to not run them too hard, and try not to discharge them below 20%. The GBS 60Ah can run at 180A continuous. More than that and they will heat up and heat is bad. They'll do up 600A in short bursts of a second or two, but don't push them beyond that.

They also don't like to be run in the cold, especially below freezing.

Do all that and you should get 2000+ charge cycles and still have about 80% of original capacity.

13 February 2012, 1722
Thanks for the information Noah.. I just bought them from Elite Power Solutions.. So I'm assuming that it is with the new BMS and LCD screen.. Unfortunately I just received an email saying that the CPU is on backorder but should be in about a week ... One more question for you.. Do I need to run the batteries down to around 20 % before charging them the first few times?
Thanks again for the info...

13 February 2012, 1930
Cool. EPS is great, that's where I got my pack, but with the older BMS.

You shouldn't need to discharge them to 20%. Just charge them up, then run a couple cycles down to 50% or so.

The 20% is just a recommendation not to take it below that in general. It won't really hurt them to do it once in a while, they just last longer the less you discharge them.

21 February 2012, 1235
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21 February 2012, 1254
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21 February 2012, 1305
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21 February 2012, 1314
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As for pack break in, the #1 best advice I can think of is don't ruin your pack. The best way to prevent that is to make sure you have enough instrumentation hooked up to them during those first cycles to protect the batteries. You need enough instrumentation to make sure you are staying within the data sheet specs for charging and discharging, and don't be afraid to undercharge and underdischarge until you are comfortable that you don't have single cell(s) that will droop low or overshoot the other cells while cycling.

If you got the BMS with the cells, I would manually verify it's correct operation the first few charge cycles using a DVM, just in case. If you have a Cycle Analyst, don't be afraid to hook it up right away, even on the bench - use it to measure AH in and out of the pack as you are testing/cycling it. Use that, or something else, like the Xantrex LinkPro to measure both your discharge cycle and your charge cycles, so you can verify how much is going back in with your charge setup as well. If you don't have the BMS, make sure you've got enough gear at your disposal to accurately charge and discharge single cells,so you can bring them into line manually as needed. Starting out with just a 'dumb' bulk charger and nothing else is often a recipe for disaster.

I think probably the best simple advice I can give personally is to become intimately familiar with each of the cells in your pack without putting them at risk for destruction - don't be afraid to let the pack sit on your bench for a few weeks if you need to collect more parts and pieces to safely cycle them - that is the one thing that will definitely NOT destroy the pack. I always find it's the hardest thing; not to play with my new toy like a kid on Christmas morning...

Since your post is about a week old, hopefully you've got them in your hands by now!

24 February 2012, 0521
Hi guys,

i'm also planning to use the GBS 60Ah or 100Ah cells for my project.

Question: as space is a little thight when i model the thing in 3D, anyone knows how much space i need to leave for cables between each layer of cells ? Any pictures to share ? i don't want to underestimate the volume i need. Are cables going out from the side of the cell or from the top ? How about BMS wires ?


24 February 2012, 0550
GBS have a top cover , wiring can run between the cell and the cover (there are holes and space for wiring) , you can stack a GBS on top of another cell without problem

24 February 2012, 0604
2756 this is my E-max with a 16 cell 100Ah GBS pack , as you can see the top of the cell is flat and plastic , you can stack a cell on top of others

07 April 2013, 1329
Hey guys, I'm hoping the you can help me again.. back in October I took the batteries off my bike after running them down to just under 60% according to the BMS... I took off the balance boards as well... I checked the voltage of the batteries once a month and they held at 3.30 volts all winter... I just finished hooking up the batteries and BMS boards and took it out for a short ride around the block to make sure that everything was hooked up right.. it seemed to be as it ran great.. Now comes the problem, I plugged in the charger and the red LED is flashing and the 100% green LED is on.. so according to the manual it is indicating over voltage detection... any suggestion on what I should look for? According to the BMS the voltage of the batteries are around 3.27v to 3.28v... Thanks in advance for any advice that you can help me with...

07 April 2013, 1611
Check the BMS settings. If it got reset, it could need to be set to the correct pack voltage.

Also check the full pack voltage, just to see what you get.

08 April 2013, 1958
Thanks Noah.. I checked the BMS manual again.. and it said if there is an over voltage alarm, that it takes 30 seconds to clear it.. so I disconnected the 12 volt power to the BMS for over a minute then plugged the charger in again and it started charging.. Hopefully it solved the problem.. I'm hoping that it just triggered the OV alarm when I connected the battery pack to the system..