View Full Version : We made an electric 50 pitbike for fun in a few days.

17 February 2012, 2039
Monday this was a gas bike with a 50cc engine in it. Friday it's a ripping electric pitbike with ~40hp (we will dyno when we replace the rear tire).

This was just 2 guys spending an hour after work each day to do the conversion. It was amazing, the little 50cc chassis seemed like the electric motor was just made to bolt right into place, only needed to make 2 custom mounts, make mounts for the Sevon gen4, and some straps for the Nano-Tech 104v pack.

Seriously a 4hr conversion for 2 guys to build the whole bike, I barely put in 2hours of my own work.



Nuts & Volts
17 February 2012, 2106
You have entirely way too much fun out there! Badass

When is the production version going to be available hahaha

17 February 2012, 2156
what motor was used?


17 February 2012, 2206
Cool stuff !

Some close-up pictures when you have time

It took me the same time but just to prepare my technical file for the DOT LOL