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19 February 2012, 1317
Hello El Motos,
I've been away from the forum for quite a while. In my time away I've been working on a design for a solar charged trike. To some, trikes are not really a motorcycle, but the design I have decided to go ahead with is built and to be ridden just like a regular bike. It just has three wheels instead of two.
I have done a ton of research and called on my old racing car friends to help with design. I just started ordering parts this weekend and expect to start on chassis assembly next month.
Consider this project open sourced, so please ask questions and offer suggestions. It has been a long and difficult journey to go alone and sharing hasn't been easy with something that is so different.

19 February 2012, 1415
This looks good. Is it going to be road legal? How mush performance are you expecting from your trike?

19 February 2012, 1435
Yes, I've designed to motorcycle regulations. I expect quite bit of hassle to get through certification, but I'll probably go
through a lawyer.
Projected weight will be around 300 lbs. I'm going with a 48 volt lithium pack and a Mars style motor mounted on the rear swing arm ... probably. And I use the word probably quite bit lately with this project. Weight, power, and charging are all factors
that effect one or the other and must be considered

19 February 2012, 1504
GREAT to see you back, Red! The trike looks AWEsome!

19 February 2012, 1515
Thanks Ted, but its not awesome yet. Still just drafting, sketches, and pictures, but parts are on the way, so there's no
turning back now.