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27 February 2012, 2235
Hey everybody. I've got some more stuff to get rid of. I may also have more on the way. Pictures will be posted soon.

First up: Kelly KD72401 controller. The controller has simply sitting on a shelf for a few years. As far as I can tell, it is completely unused and is still in its original foam packaging. Comes with owners manual, the "Kelly SCI converter" and diodes, and the appropriate serial cable. $265 shipped.

2nd up for grabs: 51mm, 7 degree, black vortex clip ons. Mounted but never used. These were for an '09 ZX6R but may fit other bikes. Proper fitment is up to you. $100 shipped. https://www.vortexracing.com/shop/product/18674/711/17/83/

3rd: Spiegler Stainless steel brake lines front and rear. Also came off of an '09 ZX6R. I can post lengths if you would like to see if they'll work for custom application. Mounted but never actually used. Comes with everything but the crush washers. These are orange with titanium ends (a dark charcoal, really). Same as seen here http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=5864
$110 shipped.

02 March 2012, 0827
Another item up for grabs. Here's a secvon dc-dc convertor. 72/80v to 13.5v. This convertor has never been used. The link below lists the other specifications. $165 shipped

02 March 2012, 1057
Pm sent

03 April 2012, 0309
Hello!Is this controller still available?Can this work with the mars 0810 48v motor?

03 April 2012, 1104
I'm now the proud owner of a Sevcon DC-DC converter. Time to ditch the lead pack powering my 12V system.

Thanks Screamingflea!!