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Jack Riggi
29 February 2012, 0245
I haven't posted anything in a while because I've been really busy getting my motorcycle to run as some of you know I've been working on my bike since mid-June a little over seven months and I am in the final stages of getting it to run. All I had to do basically was just hook up my throttle pod cables but being a cheap $20 golf cart throttle pod it had several wires coming out of it but I only needed two wires to make it work but I just did not know being my first conversion what to do so last week I headed off to my friend Steve Clunn that lives in Fort Pierce after looking it over he said I did good and showed me what wires needed to go where but when I looked up my controller a Curtis 255 that I got from drag racer Ed off of this list unfortunately it did not work so I asked Steve if I could use his motorcycle controller that was on his bike to check it out and see how it run and he said okay, so we got it going and I went for a ride about 5 min. come back and my motor was smoking hot I know I have the wrong gear ratio but I just did not have the money to put jack shaft on it and thought I would try direct drive which would work with a nice big motor anyway Steve and Audrey have a 67 Morris minor English version that they converted and were going to put into the first EV Expo for 2012 in Tampa. So I loaded my bike up and we left the next day at five in the morning and they put their car in the show. While I was there I seen and introduce myself to John Wayland and told him that I had just did my first motorcycle conversion and that it was pretty unique and had solar and wind generator on it and I didn't think that he'd ever seen anything like this before and would he like to see it and he said yes so we went out to my truck and checked it out. He really liked it and was really impressed with my wind generator blade that I had made he said even if it doesn't work I really liked your innovation and your design your whole motorcycle and he asked who did the work and I told him that I did everything with hacksaw and files, welding and grinding,all by myself with no help from anyone else except Steve Clunn the night before helping me to get it running. I told him that my motor was running hot and he said oh yeah look at your brushes they turned white then he told me if I ever had any problems with this motor that he would give me another motor Yahoo! I guess you could say this is my first real sponsor if I did get a motor from him I thought that was pretty cool that John Wayland he would help me out! So he asked me how come you're not in the show? And I told him at this particular time I didn't have any capital income. So he said come with me and we went inside any looked up Victor the man that was putting on the show and the security and you told him that I had something that really should be in the show that this was what it was all about is showing new innovation and ideas about electric EV's and my bike had all of it & should be in the show and guess what they said bring it in. It's the first time I've had my motorcycle out of the garage in seven months and nobody's even really seen it except some of the pictures on EL Moto and the ones that I've placed on Facebook anyway I took some pictures with my cheap flip phone with only two megapixels so they're not the best pictures but it will give you a good idea of my spot they give me in the show I just couldn't believe it from sitting in my garage where nobody even saw it to sitting in a three-day show where news channels, journalist, and just tons of people checking it out and asking all kind of questions and taking all kinds of pictures. Now that I got it home and and driving it to the grocery store in the post office I'm still get a lot of people that asking if they can take pictures of it they never seen anything like it before. And as far as everyone's concerns about how the wind was going to blow me over and that I'd be crashing from the wind pushing it to the side of trucks and everything else, bad scenarios that everyone was saying, it ride smoother than a baby *** well you know what I mean, I took it out in 20 mile an hour winds the other day and I could not even tell the wind was blowing it just cuts through the air like a knife! I have really a great time and met all kind and neat people, I even got to meet and talk for three days to the famous Oatmar that makes the Zilla's. On the last day of the show that night they were going to have drag races at bradenton motorsport park and Shawn lawless was going to be there with his new little S-10 Chevy called Lemon Juice that's powered by four electric motors and around 390 V, he just recently beat John Wayland's top speed at 132 mile an hour. Anyway when I was there Shawn just happened to be walking by from registration and I stop to say hello and ask him if he remembered me from about four or five years ago at beach battery burnout when he was racing his little minibike called Agnes I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling or not when his chain fell off on their first run because the did not put stops on it yet and I was there holding a flashlight for them so they could see in the dark trying to fix it then I told him that he offered me a beer for help them and he said yes I remember that I said that's my bike right there in the back the truck I just finished the conversion and got it running the other day and he asked me are you going to drag race it tonight? And I told him I thought about it just to see how fast it would go the way it's set up now, but all I had after getting into the races, buying gas, and being gone all week was enough to buy a hotdog and one dollar for the toll to get back over the skyway bridge. Anyway one of his pit crews give me five dollars and said good luck! Then I told Shawn I didn't have a helmet and he said you can use mine after my next run so I unloaded my bike paid the five bucks to go race went to the staging area the tech guy told me you can't wear that jacket it is not appropriate you need a leather jacket that was just a cloth jacket so the guy in front of me says after I do my run you can use mine, cool okay thanks. So when the light turned green I started going down the track and about halfway down I noticed it started going slower and slower and slower and when I got past the finish line it was like rolling to a stop that kind of quit but not completely but all of a sudden it started making these really strange noises I'd never heard before being my first ride on electric vehicle I didn't know what it was doing but all of a sudden I started hearing this pop pop pop pop pop and am thinking that his controller he loaned me was popping inside and I didn't know what it was.I got down to the end & had little light when it quit and I noticed my voltage drop-down 39 V so I pushed it off the track and luckily the kid came on a little scooter to get his jacket back and give me a ride back to the pits so I picked up my friend Steve Clunn a couple college kids & took my truck down loaded the bike up & called it a night. So Shawn Lawless's last run he raced against John Metric in the DC Plasma fieo it was a great race and and John won the race at his fastest time ever of 134 mile an hour to Shawn's top speed of 125 miles per hour. Anyway I just want to thank John Wayland for getting me into the 2012 EV Expo in Tampa and also liked to thank Shawn lawless for encouraging me to race and for loaning me his nice new helmet so I could take the Green Thang down the drag strip it was fun even though I messed my bike up! I really haven't ever had that much fun in six days straight in my life as I did hanging around with all the EV people it was great nice clean fun except for all the stinky smokey diesels polluting the air and the racetrack man those are disgusting! To say the least. The next day I got home I took my seat off my bike and found out what all that hopping was, not my two new packs but my old pack that was in my minibike all eight of the caps popped off and I lost two of them. If there's anybody out there that reads this on the list that has any old 40 amp hour GBS cells that are ready for the dumb I sure could use a few extra of them caps I thought for sure I ruined my battery pack when the voltage was down around 5 V especially when I tried to recharge them with my smart charger and it Saying 100% charged I just kept turning him off and on until the voltage come up 8 volts then I would read 100% charged again then I would shut it off turn it back on and eventually it started taking the charge again and now they seem to be working fine. B need a couple caps but put duct tape overthe holes just to keep the dirt or water and contaminants out,so hopefully I'll locate a few caps but they're not easily found around this part of the woods! Oh yes my brush temperatures when I checked him with my thermal gun the motor was about 220 and the brushes were reading it 270+ but the other day I put a old furnace squirrel cage blower on the motor on the brushes and the temperatures have not been above 120 I'll put some pictures of the blower and other things in the future on the next Green Thang up date. That's it for now talk to you later Jack

29 February 2012, 0822
The Green Thing from what i can tell from the photos is being a great inspiration to future and present generations...

:cool: congratulations Jack...

29 February 2012, 0932
Jack, next time I am in Largo, I will definitely come check it out. If I can transport mine down there by summer, perhaps we can cruise the beach!

Jack Riggi
29 February 2012, 1029
THANKS!! I have put a lot of time into it!

Jack Riggi
29 February 2012, 1033
Great that sounds like it will be realy fun can't wait to see U kept in touch & let me know when U might come here!!!