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09 March 2012, 0652
Huntsville doesn't really consider itself the deep south, but it's in the general region..

I have been interested in emotos since jalopnik's Quantya Strada (http://jalopnik.com/5054220/quantya-strada-first-drive-the-street+legal-electric-performance-vehicle-you-can-buy-now) article. I took my MSF BRC in november 2008 and bought a gas bike the following summer.

I've been following elmoto since before the forum crash, but in truth I'm too mechanically inept to build a bike with the kind of capabilities and reliability I want. Very neat to see the work others have done.

I'm a Brammo enthusiast and I've been posting on brammoforum for a while now. On the Empulse preorder list, frustrated with their lack of communication. Rode a 2011 Zero S last october, did some number crunching and told Harlan I'd be in touch once they came out with 50-100% more range. One month later, bam new bikes.

Dithered around for a little while and ordered a ZF9 S this week.

09 March 2012, 0656
SWEET! Congrats on the order... can't wait to hear how you like it!

Thanks for posting the intro, sir... and welcome! :D I think there are enough ElMoto members in AL to form a small club now...

The Quantya was one of the first bikes that caught my eye, too. Wonder what they've been up to lately, I haven't heard much about them.

09 March 2012, 0711
Who else is in AL? I've seen a couple of Huntsville folk on evalbum but haven't reached out to any of them.

09 March 2012, 0842
Well looks like I'm not alone after all :)
Welcome aboard!!

09 March 2012, 1014
Thanks : )

09 March 2012, 1102
I am about 30 mins from Alabama, and 20 from Atlanta. One of these days, we all need to meet up. I think you guys are the closest ones to me geographically on this forum.

09 March 2012, 1218
Probably, Ed's kinda close up in SC, but with his bikes he could be here in no time. :p


in truth I'm too mechanically inept to build a bike with the kind of capabilities and reliability I want.
^this is garbage, I think you might be able to surprise yourself with what you can do :)
you'll also have to post some pictures of your ZF9 S when you get it.

09 March 2012, 1246
;) welcome to the forum protomech, this is a fun place to dive in... :cool:

11 March 2012, 1335
Welcome aboard. Ironically, I have to drive North to get to the South.