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07 September 2010, 1645
Of all the EV cars to date ( That is today :) ) The Nissan Leaf has my attention.

Their battery plant is in the US.

All electric, dual charging ports and looks cool too!


* 80 kW AC synchronous electric motor
* 24 kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery
* 3.3 kW onboard charger
* Emissions Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV)
* Power-assisted vented front disc/rear disc brakes
* "Coasting" regenerative brakes
* 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
* Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA)
* Electronic parking brake
* Front and rear stabilizer bars
* Vehicle speed-sensitive power-assisted steering
* Portable Trickle Charge Cable (120V/EVSE) 3
* Tire repair kit

It seems like Nissan has done their homework.
Their web page is very well done and informative.


28K? not too shabby.


07 September 2010, 1722
I agree! Looks like a good entry level EV. That was an oxymoron just a short while ago. Unless you suffer from range anxiety, the Leaf is a better vehicle than the Volt IMO. Only issue I have is the phased roll out. That means those of us in the middle of the country won't see it till 2012. I can't wait till 2012 when it will be avaiable along with several other competitors and EVs will actually be generally available! (I still can drool abouy my Tesla right?)
EV Owner Bruce

07 September 2010, 1807
I still can drool abouy my Tesla right?

Do you really own a Tesla? Or you're drooling b/c you wish you had one?

07 September 2010, 1811
Plus, news reports have said that their first year of production is pre-sold. So if you don't have one on order, you will have to hold your breath for a while.

Consumer Reports said that the Ford Focus EV will be out next year. They describe the Focus EV as an all-electric, four-door sedan that is based upon the redesigned 2012 Focus. Prototypes have had a 23-kWh Li battery pack that Ford says will give the car a 100-mile range and take about 6 hours to charge from a Level 2 charger. It sounds like a direct competitor to the Leaf. So there is another option for you.

07 September 2010, 1818
Their battery plant is in the US.
28K? not too shabby.

Battery plant and vehicle manufacture here in the UK too.
37k (usd) here. Very shabby!


07 September 2010, 1915
80 kw motor? Cant wait for Nissan to join the TTXGP with it in a bike

07 September 2010, 1919
Do you really own a Tesla? Or you're drooling b/c you wish you had one?

I wish!!! I am drooling over the Model S that they plan to launch in 2012 for $50K. My current EV is a 1997 chevy S-10, not exactly in the TESLA category:D.

08 September 2010, 0853
Hey Bruce. I can understand. I think the model S will be amazing too. And at that price, they will sell a lot!
Your S-10 is still a factory built EV, right? I have a friend who has two US electricar conversions; the Prizm and the S-10. They are nice vehicles.

08 September 2010, 0945
I wish I could find the story I read about the Nissan instrumentation. They have it totally dialed- GPS locating charging stations, you can load your own, the protocol for the shutdown when you run out of charge is amazing- lemmee see... I think it was, first, you get the red lights, then all auxiliary systems shut down. You get a certain number of miles at that point. If you exceed that, the speed drops to 20mph or something, then, after a few miles, it will stop completely. After 10 minutes, it will then go about a mile.

08 September 2010, 1018
They were showing the navigation screen on the program last night, cooooool looking setup!

I hope they get one here soon so I can take a test ride!!!!

Hopefully our Zap will not get jealous! :)

11 September 2010, 1129
Anyone here getting one? I was able to place my order this week, so i'm pretty stoked. :)

Though, i'll probably get it before i get my moto conversion finished, which means that my conversion has been going on for way too long. :(

11 September 2010, 1135
Did they give you any ides when it would be delivered?


11 September 2010, 2011
Did they give you any ides when it would be delivered?

Not directly, but the first orders are supposed to be delivered in december sometime. i don't think i'm one of the first group though. So i'm assuming early next year.

11 September 2010, 2022
BTW, for those who are interested or who are getting a leaf, check out the forum at http://www.mynissanleaf.com. There's a lot of good info there.

11 September 2010, 2025
Paraprased from the Nissan website:

Nissan LEAF first will be available to consumers in December, in California,
Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Tennessee.

Texas and Hawaii shortly thereafter in January 2011.

North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, Virginia,
Maryland, South Carolina and Alabama follow in April 2011.

Balance of the nation beginning in Fall 2011 with availability in all
markets nationwide by the end of that year.

12 September 2010, 0336
Coool April of 2011.....Mmmmm


Hee hee