View Full Version : A Zap Xebra....what the heck is it.... really?

07 September 2010, 1733
It has been a interesting few days with the new car---- bike --- thingie.

First, just finding any good data was a trip in itself. I now have a full wiring diagram and
a real good understanding of the inner workings of the neat little car.

The car is registered as a motorcycle, but not recognized as one by the SC state definition.

Interesting enough, you need a 3 wheel license to operate a motorcycle with a side car but:

Three-Wheel Motorcycles

Three-wheel motorcycles and automotive three-wheel vehicles may be operated with any class license except a Class G moped license. Special endorsements are no longer required to operate these types of vehicles.

The adventure continues!

07 September 2010, 1801
I would call it an enclosed trike.

My GPR-S dealer used to sell them too. However, I haven't seen any Zaps outside his store lately.

07 September 2010, 1811
Why the centre headlight? If that's what it is.

07 September 2010, 1812
I think that is for Cyclops drivers.

07 September 2010, 1826
I think that is for Cyclops drivers.

I was gonna say it spoils the look of it, but Ed might think I was taking the pi*s.
It 'aint half like a rounded version of a Robin Reliant, much ridiculed on these shores :)


08 September 2010, 0454
It is a Motorcycle according to the VIN plate, hence the center headlight.

The 2009 was the last year of the Xebra. They have new versions coming out now.


08 September 2010, 0729
I just recalled that I had taken a photo 18 months ago of a Zap "sticker" price information sheet on the green Zap shown in my previous photographs. Here it is. I like the fact that it has a heater and a CD player. I wonder how far the car will travel when the heater is going full blast?

09 September 2010, 0523
The CD player works well! Have not tried the heater yet.

They actually have AC for these little things. It uses a seperate battery.

I think I will just leave the window down. :)

Jack Hill
21 March 2012, 0258
I have searched for a week trying to find a wiring diagram for a zap xebra but i understand the car is the same diagram .. Would you share or tell me where i can acquire one thanks Jack Email fordone@windstream.net

21 March 2012, 1240
Interesting little car thing. However, all I can think of when I see it is this


21 March 2012, 1557

Not even close!

The ZAP may be a little Chinese crappy car, but it was still better than that POS!

My only issue was the range on LEAD batteries.

@ Jack Hill. There is a Yahoo club that has ALL of the files you need.