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15 March 2012, 0801
I just heard a blurb on the news about a new company in San Francisco that is planning to rent electric mopeds so that tourists and residents can travel around the City without having to hail a cab, wait for a bus (that may not go where you want to), or drive a car. It sounds like an interesting idea, but few details were provided as it was just a "teaser". If more information shows up in my newspaper, or in the nightly TV news, I will post further.

15 March 2012, 1431
I overheard the report again and the company that is going to try this is "Scout Networks" (if I heard correctly). Since San Francisco has been eliminating a lot of vehicle traffic lanes and installing dedicated bus and bicycle lanes to replace them, riding a bicycle is probably an efficient way to get around the City. Plus, you really need a motor to get up those hills, so an electric-assist makes a lot of sense (if it can handle a 20% gradient). The report claims that the mopeds will be rented by the day or the month ("for not much more than a monthly bus pass") and that they will be offered for public rental by the end of the year. In the meantime, they plan to rent the e-bikes to private companies for their employees to get around town as a test. It will be interesting to see what e-bikes they will be using and if this business model works out.

15 March 2012, 1657
Here is an article about it.


15 March 2012, 1709
Does the rental include the red jackets? .

15 March 2012, 1735
So it is "Scoot" and not "Scout". I guess I must have been thinking of the Lone Ranger. :rolleyes:

Now, I know they described them as "mopeds" on the news. But they look a lot more like Scoot-ers to me. :)

You are going to need those red jackets to be seen in San Francisco.