View Full Version : DeltaQ charge level question, Controller heat

20 March 2012, 1246
I bought my used up 1993 Honda CBR in the fall of 2009 and embarked on a mission to turn it into something fun and practical to ride, suited for duty as a zero-EV errand machine, putting around the neighborhood on nice evenings, and as a conversation starter. Today, it fulfilled its mission. I made a run to the post office exactly three miles distant and back with parcels successfully delivered and a safe return home. Cool!

Of course no project like this is ever done done, and there are two items I'm working to resolve.

1) I am searching for the right level of charge output from the DeltaQ that will drive the BMS to regulate across all the cells to achieve cell balance. I am currently using Delta algo 163 which has an output of 85.5 volts. Across my 24s pack, that should achieve 3.56 volts per cell. However, with my BMS currently set at 3.5v, the DeltaQ is finishing off its charge before all the cells are driven to their HVC.

So my question to all you wise forum guys is - do I simply need to go to an algorithm that has a higher total voltage output? Algo 164 is supposed to put out about 91 volts. Am I simply seeing the DeltaQ "back off" as the pack begins to near its peak?

2) What is the hottest you'd want to allow a controller to reach in average daily use without incurring any potential long term damage?

Hope to have some new video of this frankenbeast out on the road.