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29 March 2012, 0810
Motorcycle Daily picked up the entire City Bike electric motorcycle feature article, including my sidebar. Here is the entire article, including color photos (which are different ones than were printed with the original magazine article). My bike is the red one:


29 March 2012, 0934
Now that you are famous Richard, I hope you won't forget us. :)

29 March 2012, 1235
That was a great read, thanks! Very positive article with lots of real-world data and lots of positive reader comments too. I haven't had the opportunity to test-ride an elmoto yet, just a Nissan Leaf, but I'm pretty sure I would agree with the following statement after riding one.

How did I like my day on e-bikes? I’ll just say that afterwards, the first few miles on my KTM 690 Enduro were dismaying: it felt like it was shaking itself to bits, the noises my brain had automatically filtered out flooded into my ears—the rattling fairing bolt, the clicking valves nagging me for adjustment, the clattering gearshift, and the bleating intake honk. My state-of-the-art fuel-injected six-speed 63-hp dual-sport bike suddenly felt like an antique.