View Full Version : A123 20ah's ordered Thurday arrive today!

10 April 2012, 0914
So I ordered 56, A123 20ah cells last Thursday from Xin at victpower. Arrived today! Did a quick voltage test, all at 3.28 volts. $24 per cell delivered by DHL express. Going to do a 2C capacity sort and test with my CBA-III.


10 April 2012, 0941
Nice price! Per AH, that's a little under what I paid for 40Ah LiFePO4s. Can't wait to see how this all works out - or where you put them.

10 April 2012, 0949
Yeah I paid $52 plus shipping for my Calb's.....which are still going strong.

10 April 2012, 1005
Nice deal it's really the way to go. So far from what I've read everyone been happy with the cells from victpower. Whats your plan for interconnecting the tabs?

10 April 2012, 1041
Probably punch 2 holes and use bolts. That or tin & solder.

10 April 2012, 1054
That's a great price. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with them.

Zachary Rubin
10 April 2012, 1323
00oo00 dat so cheap

10 April 2012, 1538
Sounds soooo cool So what are your hopes for your new pack? And are you going to have to change anything else to go to these new type?

Zachary Rubin
10 April 2012, 1559
just saw this:


you might want to do up a test rig, or at least call to verify your cells were not part of that batch

and it sounds like you got your cells pretty quickly, were they shipped from the US? is victpower just Chinese middleman?

10 April 2012, 1610
From Hong Kong....Victpower is some kind of re-seller. No one really knows why theres now a surplus of these cells....rumor is they were destined for a delayed car...Fisker? They are real 22c lifepo4s. I just did a 2C run and got 19.2 AH


Zachary Rubin
10 April 2012, 2118
glad to hear the cells are working!

so im guessing there's a very good chance supplies at this price are limited . did you have to email to find out that they were going for so cheap?

11 April 2012, 0929
No, but the seller claims to have access to 10K per month! Also other sellers are popping up too....who knows. Its not often one can say in same sentence..... best cell, best price. I've tested 4 so far, they all come in just over 18 AH at 2C. I'm using CBA III std so the V is lower (no consideration for lead R) and I go down to only .25 lvc (which is more like .27 when lead loss (~.010 ohm).

23 May 2012, 2255
I am building an e-bike and have been researching the market for a supplier of 16s1p battery made up from A123 AMP20M1HD-A 20Ah prismatic cells. I have finally found a supplier "Victpower" in China who offers a complete 16 cell A123 20Ah pack with BMS and a 3A charger for $421.00. The price is great but my only concern is that I have never done business with them before and they don't accept Paypal, only T/T. Has anyone done business with them before then please give me some advise before I decide on how to proceed.

Tom Kollen

24 May 2012, 0852
Victpower is the seller most of us have bought A123 20ah cells from. The only problems from them that I have heard so far are with the assembled A123 packs that were taked from cars. When I bought from Victpower they took paypal.