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10 April 2012, 1714
I'd like to convert my old 200cc yamaha riva to an electric hubmotor. Kelly controls looks like about $1600 for a kit (dubious advertising - gotta buy the motor separately?)

...or else it's Golden Motor (a newcomer?) MW16C - can anyone keep me from throwing my money away by buying trashy kits by giving me some advice on a good hubmotor and controller?


Fab man
10 April 2012, 2129
If the bike still runs well, it's going to be hard to match, performance and dollar wise, the 70+MPG and 70MPH+ of the gas engine version over a electric conversion. 6kw(8HP)will top you out at most 55-60MPH. 60-130lbs of lithium batteries will just about max out your weight carrying capacity(with one person) if can find a place to fit them, cost you $1200-1800 and give you a 30-50mi range. Lead acid batteries-about a third of that range.

There's a good reason why this fuel efficient class of bike( with the Honda elites) is still in demand when times are tough and gas prices are high.

If, however, your engines is bad and you still want to do this-welcome to elmoto!

The engine/transmission on this bike are one unit and constitutes what passes for a rear suspension. Maybe someone else has an idea, but I don't think a hub motor would fit well in the rear. The front-I don't know.

Check out what Karen Nakamura has done with a bike smaller, but similar to yours http://gpsy.com/ev/

Again, welcome

11 April 2012, 0719
Hi Patricia,
That sounds like a neat project. Like Fab man said, your motor and transmission is one unit and will be hard to adapt. If you have the resources to fabricate a custom swingarm to fit the Kelly hubmotor. Here is a link to a company that builds a similar swingarm for old Vespa scooters. http://soundspeedscooters.com/content/electric-vespa-small-frame-starter-kit-high-performance-65mph Kelly is actually a pretty good choice for what you are wanting to do, and you can probably save some money there if you skip their package deals and pick what you need. There is some disagreement on this topic, but many think that the regen option is a little bit useless on a vehicle as small as a scooter. Their 72V motor that comes with a disc brake is a very good deal. Couple that with a non-regen KEB controller and a compact assembly and you should be able to save a little money.

On the other end of the motor spectrum, (I am not sure if they are offering a motor to fit a scooter)the Enertrac motor (look up Markcycle on this forum) appears to be the hub motor to have if you are building a a high quality, high performance two-wheeler.

24 April 2012, 0828
Hello Pattim,
Its only money! If you want to build go forth! But think about the size of the project, I am currently converting my Vespa Rally electric with a lot of modifications and yes the cost just to get it running is high. But who cares it only money:)

Los Angeles