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08 September 2010, 1657
Chain Swap from 530 to 420

Here is it folks. All of the parts came in and the transformation is complete.

We went from a 530 with a 12 T Steel gear front and 50 T Aluminum rear ( 4.16 : 1 Ratio)
to a 420 Racing chain with a 13 T Steel gear front and 54 T Aluminum rear ( 4.15 : 1 Ratio)
The bike is light enough to get away with that ratio.

Since all of the sprockets are of like materials, we are looking a "apples to apples" comparison, just smaller chain. Be sure you get a chain that has over 4000 lbs tensile strength.
We lost 2.5 pounds of rotating weight and got a smoother, quieter ride.

There is still chain noise and mainly from the new sharp edged front gear, but a noticeable difference with less noise. I expect it to get quieter as the front gear smooths out. (It has!)

I am very happy with the change. The photo shows the bike with the side cover off.

NOTE: It has proven very durable as well. We have ridden everywhere 2 up and it works great!!