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21 April 2012, 1242
Hey guys,

I know it's been a long time since I've posted. I'm currently a few weeks deep into my capstone project, and dealing with the uncertainty and nomadic nature of post-graduation job hunting. Due to these factors, as well as monetary factors, I'm strongly considering selling my electric CB750 project. I'm located in Cincinnati, OH. What I have:

All can be seen here:


- Titled CB750, with most parts removed, all of them still in boxes. The frame has been blasted and primered with Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black. Comes with a custom built aluminum motor mount for the included motor.

-72v 60AH GBS System with Charger (10-20 cycles on it, previously belonged to Kyle)


It's like that, but a previous generation.

- D&D Sepex Motor, never used

- Sigmadrive Controller for SEM, never used


Similar, but for SEM instead of PM

- New 72v Albright Contactor

- 400A Fuse and holder

- 2 Magura Twist Throttles

- Extra 72v LifePO4 Charger (2A)

- Plenty of other bits to get you started.

Get in touch with me and we can discuss a price. My email is jonpanichella@gmail.com

I've documented everything, and have tons of pictures available in the thread above. This could be a great way to get into the project, and it's going to make a great bike when it's finished. I also have a completed wiring diagram and CAD drawings of the frame which I will gladly include.

Thanks everybody and take care,


22 April 2012, 0631
Sorry to hear this....was really wanting to see this one when finished. I know sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...but try and keep it! Good Luck.

22 April 2012, 1448
Yeah it's a bummer. I'm moving to LA this summer and I just can't find a way to take it with me. My mom recently downsized her home and can't store it for me. There are just too many uncertainties right now to make it truly a feasible thing. On the upside, I have almost all the technical stuff figured out, so it could make a great kit for somebody with the space to finish it.

22 April 2012, 1547
dammit. Sorry to hear that. booooooo.

23 April 2012, 1234
PM sent!

23 April 2012, 1310
Got back to you. Shoot me an email if you wanted to talk specifics.

28 May 2012, 0740