View Full Version : "juiced" It's alive!! (Again) and Solar Powered!!

08 September 2010, 1717
Finally got time between Solar projects, 1/4 scale Drag racing and just the typical
family "stuff" to have a clear weekend to get the bike back together. It is been a interesting winter project
to take 3 - 24 lifepo4 cell boxes (72 volt each in parallel) and turn them into 3 boxes in series and
then stuff 24 more cells into the mix. (24S4P)


Since the top picture was take we did coat the connections with liquid electric tape. No need for a shocking experience if someone touches the terminals.
The bike now has less cables, a better (but slower for now), charger setup and better range. Plus we are now charging it on the solar power!!!!!


It was all worth while as a bike now has 25% more range (Give or take a mile)
and since the batteries each have their own charger, much more power compared to the BMS version
we started with. (a unexpected bonus!)

I do need to get rid of the "Odyssey" decal!!


I have a few more things to finish up on it, but will do a full
distance run on it tomorrow since the weather will be great for a fun ride!!!!

08 September 2010, 2112
Those battery boxes look awesome.
Did you make those? OR did you buy them?

09 September 2010, 0225
They came from Headway. Not sure they are still available.

I may have to ask Travis if he can get some more. I would like some for the new project.