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03 May 2012, 1542
I've been looking into converting cars to electric for years, but I just cant afford that. So I figured I would build a bike. Stumbled across this site, seems to be active which is a good thing, and thought I'd join along.

I service and maintain electric equipment including forklifts, belt loaders, pushback units, and burden carts from 36vDC to 144vAC. Familiar with components and workings, thought it would be a personal challenge as well to build something to commute on.

As of now, I have a 99' Bandit 600 I've stripped, now taking measurements and computing equations to reach my goals. Thanks for the help in advance!

04 May 2012, 0137
Nice! Congrats, welcome and be sure to post lots of photos! Was that you over on a 4x4 forum talking about motors and such?

Nuts & Volts
04 May 2012, 0537
Welcome aboard!


04 May 2012, 0638
:D Welcome to the forum - sounds like you got some good experience in servicing EV's, probably got some good connections for parts too.

that should make your build go a lot faster for you...

04 May 2012, 1122
Thanks for the warm welcome!

Yes I chat on a 4x4 forum with a bunch of great people from the Northwest. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up in the "project" thread soon. Today I have to weigh the basic bike all stripped down. Hopefully some of my connections might give me a price break.

Zachary Rubin
04 May 2012, 1303
welcome! look forward to hearing how the build goes

04 May 2012, 2132
Welcome. That Bandit will make a great donor.

What kind of Speed and Range are you looking for?
How 'bout some pics of the stripped chassis?

05 May 2012, 0556
Welcome! You'll find a great wealth of knowledge, and even more importantly, the willingness to share it. I'm more than willing to share what I've learned, but definitely don't fall into the great wealth category.... yet!