View Full Version : My project build....1999 Suzuki Bandit 600(was hahaha)

06 May 2012, 1913
Here are some pics and specs,
It will be a 72v system, Altrax controller, undecided motor (open to suggestions), and batteries are still up in the air. I was thinking yellowtop Optimas, but also, I'm open to suggestions. As far as the charger goes, I am looking two Genius Gen3 (will charge three 12v batteries @10A ea).

I would like this thing to have a cruising speed of 50/55mph with a 20(or so) mile range. There is one hill up to my neighborhood, so return trips on lower voltage might be an issue, but that is something I'll have to watch.

Tips, suggestions and criticism all are welcome.


(image upload issues, please hold)

06 May 2012, 1913

06 May 2012, 1914

17 May 2012, 0930
some progress, cut the bottom half of the gas tank out, trimmed some more this and thats off the bike. removed the wiring harness. Cut the cahin apart for measuring and whatnot.

thinking of using a Mars 1003 motor. Looks like a good one.

17 May 2012, 1248
;) it sounds like you got a good start, but im no expert - the only thing will be the batteries, which your choice is a good start, but i guarantee you will be looking for different batteries like the "LiFePo4" cells before long...

love the photos, keep em coming...

17 May 2012, 1349
I really like those Headways. They seem to pack a nice punch. I've set up a savings fund for them. I would like this to be on the road before the end of the riding season.