View Full Version : 200 Wh/kg , if you can afford it

Zachary Rubin
08 May 2012, 0022

about 3x the price of Turnigy, but hott damn. I'm a bit skeptical but heard good things about MaxAmps on another thread. Has anyone actually made a pack out of these before?

08 May 2012, 0026
That's good. What's the discharge rate? It looks like 35C?

Zachary Rubin
08 May 2012, 0037
"True 40C rating"

which i'd like to believe means 40c continuous, but that might be overly optimistic

they also have some smaller capacity 150C packs. 0-100% DoD in 24 seconds. could be nice for drag racing

08 May 2012, 0726
Very expensive but 30% more energy dense then a turnigy hard-case pack. If weight was an issue and money wasn't it would be cool. But they need to drop from $399 to less then $150 for me to bother.