View Full Version : X2 Power batteries from BatteriesPlus? any opinions

08 May 2012, 0936
i talked with some guys at a local BattPlus, they said the newer optimas were made in Mexico and using a bunch of tin, so the quality is not as great.

they suggested these,

anyone use these or have any experience with them?

quoted about $250ea (this is the upper end of my battery budget)

for a 72v system. Ideas on performance or range?

08 May 2012, 1329
Did you check out Powerstar? I used their deep cycle batteries on my Ninja prior to Lifepo4. Put over 3k miles on them before selling them to a guy to use in his troller. Arrived in 3 days very well packaged. $78 each for their 22nf (55ah).

http://www.powerstarsla.com/22nf.html or same battery only cheaper, http://www.powerstarsla.com/magnum_battery.html

08 May 2012, 1355
I was wondering if there was a good wheelchair style battery that I could use. Maybe I'm too concerned with range I think I need to have giant batteries.

I'll take those into consideration. thank you

08 May 2012, 1447
If you need range, you should probably should be looking at Lithium.

08 May 2012, 1836
lithium isnt in the cards yet. if can get 20 miles out of SLA i'll be happy

08 May 2012, 1908
you would likely get 30 miles with the 22nf 55ahs @72v , providing you geared for 60 max.

09 May 2012, 0540
:O first of all your talking about almost 300lbs of batteries...

:D Dice was using the nicad cells from the prius - you can find those on ebay pretty cheap...

09 May 2012, 0544
I know, the weight scares me! I'll keep an eye out on ebay

09 May 2012, 0733
I used 6 of their 35AH batteries....weight was 24lbs each. They were $52 each....I got 18-20 mile range.

09 May 2012, 0852
I used 6 of their 35AH batteries....weight was 24lbs each. They were $52 each....I got 18-20 mile range.

Ditto here on those numbers with similar batteries on a cruiser.

09 May 2012, 0855
what do your bikes weigh with batteries installed?

I guess it comes down to starting with a cheap(cheaper) battery pack to learn and work things out with, then upgrade as funds allow. Also, doing my homework on batteries will probably help a lot. Thanks for the info!

09 May 2012, 1000
About the same as the gas version....I removed 160lbs of weight (engine, rad, pipes, batt). Plus ~30lbs of gas! I paid $340 for 6 Powerstar 35AH deepcycles....delivered.

If you click on the link below there are some pictures of the bike with the Powerstars (evalbum 1955)

09 May 2012, 1039
here is a link to get you started...


09 May 2012, 1039
I just cant get over that stripped down, my bike weighs 215lbs. Maybe I need a different bike to start with?

wow thanks for the link, that is possible.

09 May 2012, 1043
Dice might even know where you can some - just shop around and ask a lot of questions about them before you buy...