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16 May 2012, 0346
Facing finantial defeat and too many projects I am parting out the T250...

Basicly everything to build a complete Enertrac hub-motor based Elmoto. The finished bike was projected to run af far as 100km at 80kmh and a top speed around 140kmh.

If anyone is interrested taking over the project I'll gladly help with shipping the bike whereever. :)
Have Danish original papers and original manual stating full 'milage' of 43000km.
The T250 has been done up with a good as new GT250 front end with all new chromed bolts, new clipons, fresh rims and spokes, Metzler ME22 tires front and rear, a handwelded battery box for the Lipo freshly painted ofcourse as is the frame. The only things missing is basicly a 'tank' to house the parts and a seat. I hate having to sell 'her' but I have no choice..
Will gladly negociate a fair price as I would rather that one takes the whole project instead of having to part it all out..

If not the bits are being sorted out as such..

A full Enertrac motor kit consisting of: (Would preferably sell all this together.)
1x Enertrac single 602 hub motor painted silver with a shortened motor shaft for fitment in a narrow swingarm such as the old Suzuki GT's and smaller CC japanese bikes, laced up to a brand new Excel 18x1.85 rim a fitting Metzler ME22 rear tire can be included. Also fitted with a CBR600 brake disc, Venhill steel reinforced 180cm brake line and Magura clutch master cylinder for bar operated rear brake.
1x Enetrac 120 volt controller, tuned specifically for the motor but limits the effekt to 30hk.
1x Cycleanalyst Standalone model, plugs straight into the controller.
1x 22mm Magura twist grip fitted with classic grips plus matching other side.

A full set of Tunigy Lipo hardcase batteries:
67x Turnigy 4s Hardcase Lipo batteries, the same as Teddillard and others have used. Have been sitting for a while, but will charge them if needed.
Bus bars can be included if needed.

Full set of busbars for compact fitment of the beforementioned batteries in 8s8p configuration, bought at Jozztek. 6 with 8 female bullets on one side and 8 males on the other, 1 long bar with 8 female at one end and 8 male at the other and 2 small bars, one with 8 female and the other with 8 male.

2x 8s Turnigy 7A balance chargers, one in original case unopened, the other missing a few connectors and a little used.

1x Dual port 20A Turnigy powersupply. 100-120V input.

2x Kelly 63V chargers programmed for Lipo. 230V input.

1x Basic contactor, the horizontal type, can't remember the type.

1x Basic fuse box with 5 or 6 400A fuses alongside.

2x Mini-BMS boards with Solid state relays included for charge cut.

A bunch of welding cable, connecting lugs for the same, some relays and bit and bobs I can't remember, will check when I get home. And take pictures, won't forget the pictures. :)

Price is very negotiable, give me an offer and we'll sort something out. :)

Oh, almost forgot..
If not here, you can contact me on My username at Gmail dot com :)

16 May 2012, 0555
sorry to hear that you need to sell her - if i could afford it i would definitely buy the motorcycle, much like you i have to many projects going on right now...

i hope someone buys the bike altogether, sounds like a awesome machine...