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22 May 2012, 0708

Aptera Electric Car Company Rises from Its Ashes: A Rescue by the Sleeping Dragon

The phoenix and a dragon is a common motif on Chinese pottery, often used as wedding gifts. Aptera (a wingless bird) is an electric car company that ceased operations in December after many setbacks, but its ideas and assets have taken flight again, purchased by the Jonway Group, a Chinese company. This might be considered an auspicious omen.

For those who took notice of EV developments in the last several years, Aptera made a name for itself by promoting the idea of a light vehicle that would nevertheless be crash-worthy due to its internal structure and airbags. Its light weight combined with its extreme aerodynamic shape would mean that it would only need a small engine and would be highly efficient.

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22 May 2012, 0730
i think its like those cars that are ahead of there time which causes them to fail - now folks are looking for alternatives, it just might be a good seller...

i like it...