View Full Version : Greetings from Melbourne Australia!

Quiet Guy
25 May 2012, 0045
Hello all.

Been lurking for a little while now - just getting in to the whole elmoto thing. I'd describe myself as a motorcyclist first, tinkerer without any great skills second...

Haven't got any definite plans for a build yet, but I do like the idea of Stan Simmons's ST1100 conversion.

I'll save my questions for other threads, but thought I should introduce myself first!

I always search forums before asking repeated questions, and I'm unlikely to ever rank highly in terms of posts. Otherwise I just wouldn't be living up to my name!

-Andrew AKA "Quiet Guy"

25 May 2012, 0228
Andrew, Welcome to the group.

You will find this one of the best forums around. You can even find other Australians :)

25 May 2012, 0426
Hello Andrew,

Welcome and let us know if we can help!

25 May 2012, 0431
G'day Mate!!
Sorry...I had to!
I dig the way y'all say that.

Quiet Guy
26 May 2012, 1905
G'day Mate!!

Ha ha! I love it! I never think to write that, but say it all the time!

Thanks for the welcome guys.