View Full Version : Biista electric motorcycle

25 May 2012, 0625
And here is another new electric motorcycle: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/newsresults/New-bikes/2012/May/may2512-biiista-electric-bike-nearing-launch/

They are springing up like weeks. :)

25 May 2012, 0721
I am sorry, but they do not appeal to me. (I wanted to say "Daft", but
did not want to upset anyone) :)

They look like they are made of the siding on my shed. :O
I would like to see one without the cover.
I gather they are targeted for a City market with a top speed of 60.
A side wind may be an issue as I have ridden similarly solid wheeled bikes.
They get hairy on a blustery day.

No mention of price.

25 May 2012, 1041
Still waiting for a FF recumbent. I see that Thad Wolff, of Moto Electra, rode a Gurney Alligator to the Quail meet.