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03 June 2012, 2051

71030i DC-DC converter

57VDC to 124VDC input
13.5VDC 30A (~400W) intermittent and 25A continuous output (~340W)
Switched and un-switched 13.5V output
Designed to withstand reverse battery, over temperature, over-current, and short circuit without damage to the unit
7.125" long, 5.62" wide and 2.35" tall.
Comes with sealed Deutsch connector harness

These will tolerate a 150V voltage for 5 minutes. They will work for systems from 72VDC up to about 108VDC nominal (24-36 cells). These are sealed. They have a Low Voltage key switch input so you can have switched and unswitched power.

I've got 6 of these in stock now, ready to ship. Can ship internationally, would have to calculate shipping. $145 shipped to the lower 48 in the USA. I take CC and PayPal (preferred).



email me at sales@emf-power.com
or call and leave a message: 1-971-266-3631

04 June 2012, 0207
I would love one of these... I love the switched and non-switched outputs.

How much?

Fab man
04 June 2012, 0747
Thanks for sleuthing out this unit. Can it be readily paralleled with an aux battery and its charger?

04 June 2012, 0836
Splinter it's 140

Fabman I'm not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate.

04 June 2012, 0838
Travis, these seem neat, but big. Why would one use one of these over a something like a vicor, which tend to be smaller?

04 June 2012, 0936
They're high power (340w continuous) and are heatsinked already and have sealed connections. They don't require anything externally and they have switched and unswitched which is nice for bms's like mine that need 12v all the time. They're well protected from overload temp and reverse polarity. They're not that big though.

My 110v vicor is about the same height and half the power and about the same length and more expensive. That's with adding a required heatsink and terminal module.

I just figured these are easy solutions for people. Plus this range is kind of custom and harder to find. I'll sell them with my HPEVS kits.

04 June 2012, 0954
Awesome. Thanks man.

Fab man
04 June 2012, 2219
[QUOTE= Can it be readily paralleled with an aux battery and its charger?[/QUOTE]

It would be nice to have an aux. battery(and its charger) to provide an added margin of safety for lighting, in case the DC-DC fails or is shut off.

I've noticed when I tried to use a PS as a charger, a inductor was needed to counter the capacitance of the battery. Also, a DC-DC supplier told me I'd probably need an inductor if I used their product paralleled with an aux. battery.

Would there be any similar issues with this DC-DC?

05 June 2012, 1028
It shouldn't matter. It outputs 13.5v and I don't see how inductance would ever matter. Its a power supply and should have that all built in. It should Charge the battery with no issue. I'd leave the charger off and charge it at home if the dc-dc fails. Which it shouldn't.

The whole idea of the auxiliary battery is to give power if the dc-dc fails. You shouldn't need an onboard charger too. If you're still wanting to do all three then use a diode on the charger and converter so power doesn't get forced into either one.

I don't see the point tho. Keep a volt monitor on the auxiliary and if its low you know you have an issue and should garage it until its fixed.

05 June 2012, 1047
Warranty? How would a person return this for exchange or repair?

05 June 2012, 1107
1-month warranty against DOA. There is no repair service on these since they're potted.

Just trying to help people get decent converters.

05 June 2012, 1111
Thank you very much for sharing

05 June 2012, 1324
Confirmed voltages with engineering at surepower (across the street). They're good for 24-36 lifepo4 cells.

08 June 2012, 1426
Just ordered a batch of them for the shelf. Should be here in a few days then I can bill and ship. A conversion shop I know used one of these and liked them a lot.

Supplied with the connector.

18 June 2012, 1009
Got them in and they all look just fine. Completely sealed!

05 July 2012, 2027
Price is $145 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. I have 5 left now.