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12 June 2012, 2156
Has anyone recently ordered any A123 AMP20 cells from Victpower? I messaged Xin Wang about them, and an order less than 500 is $18.5 per cell. Just curious as to whether or not somebody has done a test with these cells. I was thinking about scooping up a couple myself to test.

13 June 2012, 0849

13 June 2012, 1126
Jack Rickard on evtv.me has got a couple of shows on this topic, you can check his blog if you don't want to watch his "long" videos.
ANd there is a build thread with A123 packs on endless-sphere forum:
here for example:
and here:

13 June 2012, 1239
Thanks Dave. Was looking for that post but couldn't find it...I knew someone had messed with them.

And thanks for the endless sphere threads hughes!

13 June 2012, 1324
I bought 56 a couple months back, all came in about 18.5 AH at 1C. Paid ~18 each I think. When I bought she accepted paypal, not sure if this is still true.

02 May 2013, 1306
Never ever buy from victpower, he will find some way to trick you. Don't be fooled of his low prices ! . a123 20ah from my experience isn't a good cell , after 30 40 charges the battery wont be balanced well even if you have a good bms , these a123's are registered as defects and knockouts . also its not easy to find away to connect them , most aluminium solder wont work on them and if you will connect with screws you will have to tighten them every some time

Harold in CR
02 May 2013, 1353
Latest that was reported on the "Sphere" was, the tabs are VERY short, so, they use sticky tape to add more length to the tabs. I will look for the thread and post a link here, ASAP.

EDIT: Here is the latest thread. http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=49727

Another thread: (http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=49727)http://www.http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=45996

Another forum and thread: http://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums/showthread.php/caution-shenzhen-victpower-technology-co-84762.html

Can't find that sticky tape thread, YET ?? Do your reading before sending money.

03 May 2013, 1053
Victpower is usually hit or miss. I ordered 4 test cells from them a while ago, and all came in at nominal voltage within .01 volts of each other. I put them through discharging with a fan well over 50 times and even abused them a few times..don't ask how haha. Now they are being used as a 12v aux. battery and still read within less than .05 volts of each other. And I have not used a bms with them for testing purposes. No cell has puffed up or ever let out any smoke. My only complaint really, is that the short tabs become weak if you were to continually bend them or distort them in your connection set up. Now if I were to order 200+ cells, the failure rate would likely go up and a few cells would be dead on arrival. That's the gamble you take with Victpower. You have to order extra to make up for the dead ones, because you know China and warranties don't belong in the same sentence. And if I remember correctly, folks ordering Turnigy lipo from Hobbyking were doing the same thing, ordering extra cells to make up for duds.

19 May 2013, 2210
Just for the record, these people do not do business the way that most of us would do. It's best NOT to deal with them unless you like haggling, bartering, and working with un-professional Chinese sales and financial people. I have gotten great A123 cells from them before, but beware that the "non-logo" cells that they now sell are absolute crap in prismatic cell form. I just want to put the word out there in case any new guys are curious about them. Take the time to look elsewhere, and save yourself the time and money in the long run.