View Full Version : MSF approves the 2012 Zero XU as a M/C trainer

26 June 2012, 1159
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has approved the 2012 Zero XU in their motorcycle training program. Here is the article:


I guess it will be easier riding around the parking lot without having to worry about using the clutch or figuring out how to shift a motorcycle gearbox.

26 June 2012, 1220
I think it's great that they are recognizing elmotos as legitimate, but I still have mixed feelings about this. If you could bring your own elmoto to a course, then more power to you. But if you pass this course without learning to shift, you won't be able to ride most motorcycles.

26 June 2012, 1232
Good point, I was asking myself if they will allow me to pass my exam with my e-bike.

We'll see...

26 June 2012, 1527
I was thinking the same thing, electriKAT.

26 June 2012, 1907
I passed my MC test on the GSX-E. All the DMV cared about was that it was registered as a motorcycle, and not a scooter.

True that you might not know how to shift, but you can pass a car driving test in an automatic. If all you ever own is an elmoto, seems unfair to expect someone to operate something they'll never actually ride.

26 June 2012, 1954
I've taught a couple former GF's to ride a motorcycle. Seems like it was 90% them fiddling with the clutch and shifting concept, 10% learning riding technique.

I personally would rather reach someone how to ride a motorcycle first, or teach them how to operate a clutch/shifter first, rather than going through trying to teach both skills at the same time.