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20 July 2012, 0917
I've got a slightly used AC15 motor (Used for maybe 50 miles to test a prototype and is in great shape) and a New Old Stock (With fresh firmware from HPEVS) 1238-6501 controller (108V max, 550A).

This would be great for an NEV, Kart, Golf Cart, Motorcycle or Scooter. I'd keep it, but I've got too much stuff.

Looking to get $1900 OBO for motor and controller only (new they're $2800 from me). Display and harness are extra, and I'll sell them at a discount (I'm a distributor for HPEVS and can have them drop shipped). I recommend an LEV200 contactor and Curtis PB8 throttle and can sell you those as well.

If you buy by August 1st, I'll throw in a brand new Surepower 71030i DC-DC converter that is perfectly matched for this setup.

Just looking to clean shop a little and don't mind helping hook someone up with a good setup.

Email me at sales@emf-power.com or call (971) 266-EMF1

More info on the HPEVS setup and the Surepower DC-DC converter: http://www.emf-power.com/

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23 July 2012, 0007
We're always on the lookout for one of the 650A controllers if you come across a second hand one.


23 July 2012, 1117
I can sell you just the controller. New. If you need a new one.

13 August 2015, 1052
Travis, was this sold? I see the post is 3 years old!

13 August 2015, 2241
It's long gone. You looking? Might be able to help... what's ya need?

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14 August 2015, 0549
Would be for next spring. I'm looking into adding 3 more Leaf modules and going with an AC15. I changed my CALB's for Leafs this year and also changed the Kelly 400 for SPM72400. The controller really made a big difference in torque.

15 August 2015, 2026
Shoot me an email, might have something you'd be interested in. Ac15

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