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27 July 2012, 1412
It looks like BMW has finally decided that its electric-powered version of their IC C600 and C650 scooter line is now ready to be introduced to the buying public. The launch is at the Olympics, naturally - I assume to get the largest splash for the least money. Here is a short article by Motor Cycle News about the scooter:


29 August 2012, 0743
And here is a riding review, with lots of photos, by Visor Down of the new BMW C Evolution scooter. The scooter looks pretty fancy and (in typical German fashion) seems over-engineered a bit. Just in time for (some year's) Christmas, but they are going to have to lower the price a bit. Plus, who wants to lease a scooter? . http://www.visordown.com/road-tests-first-rides/bmw-c-evolution-electric-scooter-review/21280.html

I think BMW is going to be left behind by Zero and Brammo in the two-wheel EV market.

06 September 2012, 0824
I just received the September issue of the BMW ON (BMW Owners News) magazine and it contains a four page (with photos) interview with Dr. Christian Ebner, the Project Manager for the BMW C Evolution electric scooter. There were a few things in the interview that I hadn't heard before and found interesting, so I will mention them here. Dr. Ebner said that BMW has been working on electric concept models for some time, but the current version of their electric scooter has been under development since 2010. They have 5 working prototypes and have saved a lot of money by using the batteries and other electric equipment from the BMW i3 automobile. However, the scooter uses three of the Li-ion battery storage modules, while the car uses 8. The scooter's speed is electronically limited to 72 mph and has a realistic 62-mile range from the 8 kWh battery pack "according to the vehicles' weight and rolling resistance".

One thing that caught my attention is that the article says that: "There are regulations in dealing with voltages above 60 volts DC - known as "high-voltage" - in an automobile environment, such as protection, isolation, warnings, and so on." (I wonder if that is why the Zero is still operating with 57 volts?) Dr. Ebner goes on to say that: "This vehicle is also the first powered two-wheeler that has been developed according to ISO 26262 (a well known standard for functional safety and reliability established by the automotive sector), which is unique in this segment".

BMW is proud to have developed an energy recuperation technology system that is activated by closing the throttle, unlike other scooters on the market. "The machine itself does all the work automatically. For example, one of the energy recuperation points is the throttle grip. When you release this grip on the BMW C evolution, the e-motor actually "simulates" engine torque, which feels to the rider like conventional engine braking, so as soon as you release the throttle you have a degree of deceleration that you wouldn't normally have on an electric vehicle, but which also has the advantage of regaining energy for the battery." Dr. Ebner goes on to say: "The other area where regeneration is also carried out is during braking. When brake pressure is sensed on the front and rear brake lines by the levers being activated, the power electronics detect this and the e-motor builds up drag torque, which not only aids the braking effect but also recuperates energy." (All this sounds kind of familiar to me.) BMW says its "simulations" have shown that the range of the BMW C evolution can be extended by approximately 15%. The scooter contains an informational display in the ****pit that has a graph which illuminates on the right side when energy is being used and a graph on the left side of the display that shows when energy is being fed back to the battery. "We believe that this will make riders think more sustainably and perhaps even change their riding style!"

The interview concludes Dr. Ebner stating that "...there is no denying that the C evolution is an exciting new chapter in the history of the brand. It's a special kind of electric scooter that follows the BMW Group's sustainability strategy and we hope that it will become a long-term part of the model range."

There was no hint in the article when the C evolution might actually be mass-produced by BMW and offered to consumers, nor what its price might be.

For more information on the BMW C evolution, visit: www.bmw-motorrad.com/c-evolution.

21 December 2012, 0851
I found this interesting article by Visor Down describing their first ride on the BMW C Evolution electric scooter. It sure looks well designed, but I keep wondering what it is going to cost when it is finally placed on sale to the public. I am not sure if even BMW's customers are ready for a $20,000 electric scooter that has a top speed of 73 mph, has a range of 60 miles and weighs a "ton" (my opinion, based upon my recent ride on one of their new ICE scooters). Here is the review, some mention of BMW's first try at an e-scooter and nice studio photos of the vehicle and its guts:


09 September 2013, 0840

09 September 2013, 1403
It will be interesting to see how they price that scooter. When I see one in my dealer's showroom, I'll believe that BMW is actually serious about selling them in the U.S. Needless to say I will be one of the first people to test ride one. Unfortunately, my BMW dealer is cringing having to try to sell the C Evolution (and that is in the middle of the Silicon Valley. :confused: ), as they tell me that their Vespa market is a tough sell and those things look cute and likely cost only half a much as the BMW scooter. (Their 650cc IC scooter goes for $10K - $11K + the usual factory-installed accessories.)

10 September 2013, 1331
More details can be found in the official press release

10 September 2013, 1406
And here is a Ride Apart article on the 2014 BMW C Evolution scooter. It sure looks expensive. There are already two negative comments at the bottom of the still-warm page.

http://rideapart.com/2013/09/2014-bmw-c-evolution-first-photos-and-specs/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HellForLeather+%28Hell+For+Le ather%29

10 September 2013, 1501
gawd that thing is ugly. Makes me want to post something in Fight Club lol

10 September 2013, 1552
I kind of like it (don't tell Ted) but I'm a bit disappointed by the range. I was hoping that something that big would do at least 100 miles.

I am a big BMW motorcycle fan (had a R60/5 and a F800 GS) and am excited to test drive this.