View Full Version : The Hyundai BlueOn EV

10 September 2010, 1502
The Business section of my newspaper today reports on the new Hyundai BlueOn that was introduced yesterday. The BlueOn can reach 80 mph and go up to 87 miles on a single charge. The car looks to be about the size of the Leaf and is based upon the automaker's small i10 hatchback. It is powered by lithium-ion polymer batteries. Hyundai says that it invested about $34.3 million over the past year to create the vehicle. The first 30 will be delivered to South Korea's government organizations. Hyundai plans to manufacture 2,500 BlueOns by 2012. There are no plans at this time to offer the car overseas.

Hyundai's vice chairman, Lee Hyun-Soon says: "Consumers' interests and demand for eco-friendly cars are rising and securing such advanced technology is critical in becoming an industry leader".

The name BlueOn was derived from its Blue Drive strategy of "eco-freindly products and technologies" and the word "on" from "switch on".

Hyundai's stock price fell 0.7% after the announcement.