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13 August 2012, 1936
Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately I cannot afford to get Voltron the Electric RG back into working order as I need the funds for a better handling, faster bike for next year. I thought about getting it running again but no-one would want to race it, and the department of transport certainly wouldn't pass it as a road-going bike. So I have decided I will part it out and donate the rolling chassis to a motorcycle museum or something :(. There are no motors, but a pair of Agni motors will set you back about $3-4k.

Needless to say, these parts will suit Australian customers, but I can easily ship the chargers and or controller overseas.

Edit to add: I can ship the whole 6.2 kWh battery pack to the USA for $415 plus port fees at your end. Might be a little higher to the rest of the world, but that's remarkably good I thought. It would take 7 weeks from delivery though.

Battery pack: $4000 complete.
The battery pack is a 32s,3p A123 pack built like a brick ****house by Cell_Man. Packing 6.2 kWh, it is fully charged at 117 V and has a nominal voltage of 100 V. Comes with BMS incorporating LVC, HVC and full integration with up to three Elcon 12 A, 117 V chargers in parallel (run from 240 V AC or 110 V AC). You can also buy half the battery pack for half the money if you like. Although, then the chargers would be useless.

3 x Elcon 12 A, 117 V max Battery chargers: $1000 the lot, $350 each.
These chargers are the ducks nuts when it comes to bulk charging. Perfect for a 32s LiFePO4 pack, or 28s LiPo. They might be able to be adjusted to put out less volts, but I am not entirely sure how, and it's a well sealed charger.

KDHE1200 Kelly Controller - 1200 Amps, up to 120 V DC Bus: $1000
This controller is valued at over $2200 from Kelly, and is an Agni-smoking, brute-force, electron-floodgate. Weighs about 4 kg and is good for over 100 kW. Requires 24 V DC to run the controller but I have a 12-24 V converter to do this. Perfect for an insane go-kart, e-moto or lightweight electric car running DC motor(s).

The whole lot - $6000 and you get a piece of Australian electric motorcycle racing history which actually works (as soon as you buy a pair of new motors). The chassis is still a 1985 Suzuki RG which is a fantastic commute, and a pretty ordinary race bike. Will do 180 km/h with the right gearing, currently good for 160 km/h.

Very sad, but it's just rotting in my shed.

Photo of the bike (Thanks Tony!)

Obviously you'd get it sans motors. Ideally you would buy everything except the chassis, which I can then donate to the Fremantle motor museum ;)

13 September 2012, 0628
Bump! I need to sell this gear.

Happy to sell the lot for AUD$6000 shipping included!*

*up to $800 value. That should get it to North America for sure, not sure about other parts of the world.

04 December 2012, 0453

Batteries are sold (they've gone into a couple of E-max 110S scooters (and they go alright too!)
Chargers are sold (all three have gone to the North coast of NSW to charge a Porsche conversion and possibly an RZ350)

Controller is still available, as is anything worth pilfering from Voltron; like the whole front end, rear shock etc.

04 December 2012, 0555
PM sent.:)

Thanks Chris!

"Honest as the day is long"

04 December 2012, 2038

Controller is sold too :D

All the best with your build, Ed :D

Let's see, that just leaves a rolling chassis of Voltron to part out... Tony, you think you might need a new front end on your RG? ;)

04 December 2012, 2205
you know I have blown the fork seals again on my bike!!