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27 August 2012, 1504
OK, time to go legit with this caper. I just picked this up:


It's got a cooked brushless hub motor, and though I've taken them apart in the past, it's a frustrating exercise in futility. Even after replacing the controller and Hall sensors, my last project never worked. I've got two options, as I see it. Replace the hub motor (with a BIGGER one) or bolt in one of the ETEK motors I happen to have laying around. Which, right now, is what I'm leaning towards doing. Replacement wheels are up on the eBay for less than $50, and the idea of having a 10kw motor in there instead of some 800W hub just makes me start giggling.

I've got a little pile of Headways that will replace the lead...

Let the Madness Begin! :O

27 August 2012, 1521
As motor I see much better an hub motor like the Enertrak ( 10Kw cont -30Kw peak) so you don't have to mess with chain or belt

27 August 2012, 1548
Good luck Ted. I like that scooter. It should keep you busy for a while.

BMW seems to think scooters, including electric versions, are a wave of the future according to this speculative article: http://www.autoblog.com/2012/08/27/bmw-set-to-rejuvenate-scooter-business/

28 August 2012, 0145
As motor I see much better an hub motor like the Enertrak ( 10Kw cont -30Kw peak) so you don't have to mess with chain or belt

Well, the Enertrak is pretty big, pretty heavy, and I'm not sure Mark can mount them on a 10" wheel. Plus, they're over $1k. (My ETEK is sitting on a shelf, looking at me forlornly, wanting a purpose in life. AKA no cost.) Any of the smaller hub motors top out at maybe 1.5kw. Plus I like the option to play with gearing, which you can't do with a hub.

So... uh, yeah. Complete wheel assemblies from Monster Scooter for around $50? SOLD!


With disk brake and sprocket: http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/cu12x3rewhas.html


Harold in CR
28 August 2012, 0419
There is a guy on E-S that is selling a 2 speed hubmotor for a 10" wheel. He runs it over 60 MPH on hills in Costa Rica, and, I have one sitting in customs right now, in CR. They are pretty small for what they are. Nice big axle, also, and drum brake.

28 August 2012, 0425
I like this retro style a lot for scooters, the new one from BMW looks too "electric", futuristic wannabe.

Just my opinion.

28 August 2012, 0821

"There is a guy on E-S that is selling a 2 speed hubmotor for a 10" wheel. He runs it over 60 MPH on hills in Costa Rica"


I love John's bike. But that performance is in a 100 pound "bicycle." In a several hundred pound scooter, it wouldn't be quite as impressive. On the other hand, I think John weighs about 100 pounds more than Ted.


Harold in CR
28 August 2012, 0837
Warren, you could be correct. I think the 2 speed will make a world of difference in getting going. He has NO pedals on his homemade frame, and, does weigh over 260 pounds.

It's just for Ted to see the info, and know these are tested to be what he says, before selling them.

28 August 2012, 1324
"Several hundred pound scooter"? If the thing is over a hundred, I'll be bummed. :D Running the ETEK at 48V should have plenty of pep for that little thang, though the idea of a smaller two speed hub motor does sound interesting. Think maybe I should name this project the "What I have Lying Around Prjoect", maybe that would explain some of my decisions a little better. :cool:

Fab man
28 August 2012, 2028

I have one of these Izip/ Schwinn wheels. They're very light duty. The axle is only 10mm dia. The tire is suppose to be 3" wide, but actually is less than 2.5". It takes a bicycle type threaded-on sprocket or free wheel (although the brake disk can be thread-on or bolt-on). The chain on the stock sprocket is the tiny #25 or the 8mm T8F. They're used with 1kW or smaller motors.

For use with a 10kW motor? You want to look for a heavier duty wheel.

29 August 2012, 0147
oooooo, thanks! Back to eBay, I guess... :o

29 August 2012, 0853
After you stuff in that "big block" Etek, where are you going to fit batteries? Also wonder if that motor will overpower the frame and suspension.

Maybe better to put in a compatible hub motor? Just replacing the SLA's with Headways should give a decent performance boost.

Either way, I'm watching with great anticipation.

29 August 2012, 0858
i have to agree, i really like the old school vespa look - congratulations Ted...

note - if these bikes keep burning out the motor, then a bigger motor is needed...

29 August 2012, 1340
Ted, Kellycontroller sells lots of 13" hub motors (e.g. 3, 4.5, and 6kw): http://kellycontroller.com/brushless-hub-motors-c-21_62.html

When you start taking that thing apart, take lots of pics, especially how the batts are mounted. That thing looks like a sibling to my zapino scooter, and i plan on fixing that at some point by replacing the lead with lithium (headways maybe?), and maybe swapping out the 3kw hub motor for a bigger one.

29 August 2012, 1450
Thanks guys! Tango, I just went to snap a few shots and the battery in my camera's dead. Says the photographer. d'OH!

Anyway, just picked up a complete wheel assembly, including sprocket and brakes, from a Yamaha Chappy on eBay. THAT'll teach my wife to leave me alone at home :D

It's exactly the same dimensions as the hub motor that's in the bike, and both the drive sprocket and the brakes look pretty robust. The original bike was an 80cc, with a top speed of under 60mph, so I don't think it will be too far off the mark.

Though I'm running a 10kw motor, don't forget, it's pretty light - 21lbs - and I'll probably be running it at 36V to start, and maybe gear it for around 40 - 60mph. There's PLEN-TEE of room for batteries in this puppy... the 20ah 36V Headway pack I have could fit right in where part of the lead pack went. The motor is going in the same place as the other part was.

Photos coming, I promise! :o

Update: Photos!

Here're the upper rear and lower center battery boxes.


...another view:


And, the ETEK (just the case, actually) plopped in there for fit.


01 September 2012, 0434
hmmmm. Not sure, but I think I may have found the problem. :D


The brakes bound up for some reason, and it looks like the motor leads got cooked. I'm not sure if the motor is cooked or the controller, but it's still not moving. I'ma set that aside for another project, and move forward with the original plan...

01 September 2012, 1214
Got the wheel today and it fits like a glove!


...even the brake linkage:


Looks like I may have to do some shopping for a rear sprocket that's a little bigger, but we'll see...

Here's how I'm planning to mount the motor- it will be as far back on the swingarm as I can get it.


Fab man
01 September 2012, 2351
Great find! It looks like Motorcycle Parts Giant part # JTR 832 on their eBay store (32 to 48 teeth) will fit your hub. The stock chain is a size 420. Although I've never tried it, #40 industrial chain should fit, with some side to side slop, on the narrower 420 sprockets. Does anybody know if this will work? This will let you use the readily available #40 sprockets for the motor.

If you need a larger sprocket, SprocketSpecialist as you probably know, supplies up to 72 tooth sprockets.

02 September 2012, 0214
Awesome! Thanks for the info.

I ran the numbers on the ratio, and if I'm running 36V I may be able to get away with using this one, with a top speed of around 45-50mph, so I think I'll give it a try.

Though I am considering running it at 72V :o