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01 October 2012, 0207

I've been lurking since July! Electric bikes have got me 'excited' since Mission Motors announced their 'one'. I have been on the Brammo pre-order list for 2 years and more recently taken an interest in the Agility bike whose official release(second) is now late November. I have had a Triumph RS and ER500 ICE bikes - I loved the Triumph motor. I'm motivated by both environmental concerns(doing my bit), not being led by the nose by the oil companies and last but not least, cost of personal transport. My weekly commute costs me 100 per week.

I don't believe in corporation suppressing conspiracies but having tried to buy an ICE bike equivalent since the claims that they were available were made I haven't found one at a realistic price I can buy! I am getting a bit jaded with the marketing bs that seems to surround these new technology bikes.

I test rode the zero S but was very disappointed with the off the line acceleration and range. Brammo Empulse Ducati Monster and Speed triple claims have shrunk to become STREET triple or SV650 with a heavy passenger claims and the price has taken a huge hike.

I love the video of the lightning but it's just too expensive for me. The news there is a cheaper production version on the way is great but on previous experience this is going to take 2 years to get to Europe(I'm British but live in Holland).

Hence arriving here. I thought if I lower my demands to what I 'need' rather than what I want I might be able to build my own? Basically a zero with better acceleration. My commute is 30km one way with the possibility of charging each end but frequent max acceleration start stops, mostly straight and flat.

Should I wait for better technology, settle for a zero that would 'do' or is it possible to build my own machine that would satisfy the above?

Reading here and doing my own enquiries(YAZA motor - 10000, zero package similar) motors and batteries bring good home builds up to lightning prices pretty quick don't they? Is there a recycled motor/battery option?

Any and all advice welcome!



PS some amazing bikes here!

01 October 2012, 0356
Hi there,

not to steer you away from elmoto forum but my friend doctorbass has bought a zero and is in the process of "upgrading it",
you can find his thread here:

you can search this forum for other posts from doctorbass, he's got a lot on the zero

01 October 2012, 0509
Thanks, I'll take a look and keep an eye out for a second hand zero - might be tricky. Buying a new zero and modifying it scares the hell out of me!

01 October 2012, 0640
:D welcome to the forum machone - my thoughts about fabricating a electric motorcycle, i do it because i love building things, especially when it becomes a functional tool - but i would also want to purchase a Bramo motorcycle - so i would say buy the zero and you can always build a Electric Motorcycle on the side or just modify the zero motorcycle. either way, by going to an electric EV would make a statement that says, that you want to make a difference and no longer want to be a victim of big oil...

:cool: this is a awesome place to learn more about electric EV's... awesome folks here too!!!

01 October 2012, 0727
The Zero doesnt give full power until over 25mph. Is that maybe what you are experiencing as lack of acceleration performance?

01 October 2012, 0746
My understanding is that the Zero has been deliberately neutered by the factory so that it accelerates slowly below about 25 mph in order to reduce power consumption (because of its direct-drive system) and perhaps for liability reasons when riding around car parks. I also hear that the controller programming can be changed, as has been done by Harlan at Hollywood Electrics, to let the bike jump off the line, if that is what you want to do. The nice thing about electric motorcycles is that (if you know what you are doing) a lot of worthwhile notifications can be made at a relatively low price, compared to souping up an IC motorcycle - once you get past the initial buy-in cost.

10 October 2012, 1504
Took the advice here and ordered a 2013 Zero S. I may explore building something later but really can't wait to start driving passed the gas stations! Had a sit on one today and it feels to me a bit like a Z750. A totally different feel to the 2012 S. I hope the extra bulk wont effect the performance too much. I was wondering about going for the smaller battery for weight saving, I'm certainly hoping to loose a few human pounds before February when it arrives!

10 October 2012, 1533
who had a 2013 on display? Should be great ride.

10 October 2012, 1536
I prefer the extra weight. Since I am used to riding 500-pound motorcycles, with 60" wheelbases, my 340-pound ZF9 Zero feels too light to me. I think I would prefer the 380-pound weight of the 2013 model when riding at high speed on a bumpy two-lane back road. It would probably feel more stable going around corners or when being hit by a strong sideways wind gust.