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Tony Coiro
25 October 2012, 2007
Long story short, I’ve been a stranger on the forum for months since I jumped in the deep end of tech startup company life. Recently left that job and took a job offer at another startup in South Africa. (Insert text about being nervous, excited, terrified, adrenaline, etc.) Anyway, I’m looking to part out the first motorcycle I built as I’ve already parted out the second one. Parts are as follows:
Etek RT
Alltrax 4844
MZJ-200 Contactor
Sevcon 48V DC-DC Converter
Two 24V 15A Chargers (Outputs in series)

I probably put around 1,000 miles on the system. A beginner’s mistake on battery selection prevented me from ever seeing over 250A battery side; the motor and controller never got warm, despite my best efforts. The motor has no damage aside from light scratches. The controller is in working order, although the RS-232 port was always very intermittent. (Might have been my RS-232 to USB converter, I cannot say for certain.) The chargers are in great shape, aside from minor cosmetic scratches. The contactor and DC-DC look great and come with all nuts and connectors. Given next week I will be moving to Johannesburg, I really would like to sell these quickly. I would also like to sell all as one lot. I am looking for $550 + shipping or best offer I get by this Monday. PM me with offers or for more details.

Tony Coiro
25 October 2012, 2017
I also have a D&D Model 170 Sepex, which never been used. I was going to use it in my Katana but I ended up with a larger motor. Having used the same model motor before, I can say with a very high degree of certainty, it is really a 300A maximum motor on a light duty cycle. It could be used on a light weight motorcycle if ridden conservatively. $120 + shipping for that or best offer as well.

25 October 2012, 2136
South Africa! Wow. Good luck man!

Tony Coiro
08 November 2012, 0943
Lowered prices by $300 on 48V drivetrain and $50 on small sepex motor.

08 November 2012, 1149
if you have it next week i would be interested...

08 November 2012, 1555
I am interested, please see PM