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Nuts & Volts
06 November 2012, 1402
I've spoken about this in a few other threads, but figured it was a good time to post it up as an event. Virginia Tech Bolt Team is attempting to organize an EV meet up track day in Pittsburgh. NESBA and PIRC (the track) are sponsors on VT and are interested. The event would be sometime in the spring before the TTXGP and IOM TT Zero events happen. Anyone interested in showing up? More details well be ironed out as we get support and closer to the event

The Buckeye Current (electric motorcycle team) is planning to attend as a test day for our new IOM bike. I will bring my electric R6 and would love to take it out on the track if I am allowed. Amarok may attend and the RIT team has expressed interest. Hopefully a lot of the Vetter Challenge guys from Mid-Ohio will be interested in meeting up too.

Post up if you have any ideas to make this a better event or if you are interested in attending.

VT team - http://www.facebook.com/VTBOLT?fref=ts and http://www.bolt.org.vt.edu/index.php
OSU team - http://www.facebook.com/BEMRT?fref=ts and http://current.osu.edu/
(yep a little self-promotion :cool:)

06 November 2012, 1413
If you ever want to run at VIR.....we are there.

Pittsburgh it a bit too far for us right now. :)

06 November 2012, 1501
I'd be up for it!

Nuts & Volts
06 November 2012, 1618
Sweet, thanks for the replies!

06 November 2012, 1915
i would love to do this! we can see how many times i can lap ted...lol...sorry man i could'nt help myself

06 November 2012, 2034
I'm there. Pittsburg is only 3 hours away for me....

07 November 2012, 0301
i would love to do this! we can see how many times i can lap ted...lol...sorry man i could'nt help myself

bring it, bitch! ;)

07 November 2012, 0743
bring it, bitch! ;)

http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-fc/popcorn.gif (http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys.php)

07 November 2012, 0802
this could be some real fun if it works out.would be cool to hang with everyone

08 November 2012, 0240
For sure! Kyle, what do we have to do to be able to actually ride on the track? Is there some sort of certification necessary, or is it just a fee?

08 November 2012, 0457
Most of the "hot laps" road racing tracks do are behind a lead vehicle and are no faster than highway speeds
(unless you hang back and let her rip on the back stretch). If you can get with a racing group that is there on a
particular weekend, you may be able to swing out a deal. It is mainly for insurance purposes and keeping the
uneducated riders/drivers (ie. idiots) from killing themselves.

I had to prove I had prior riding experience (I did) to get in the door of the group we are with now. Even then I
think I had a unannounced "test" with a professional rider ( on a super bike no less) was hanging with me on one the of
the rounds. He came by afterward and told me I rode well.

Then they asked if I wanted to join and for the yearly dues. :O (which I was happy to pay!)

Nuts & Volts
08 November 2012, 0624
For sure! Kyle, what do we have to do to be able to actually ride on the track? Is there some sort of certification necessary, or is it just a fee?

Very good question. The OSU and VT bike will be race prepped and with professional riders. We will be using it as a test day for the most part, but I do not know exactly how the day will work.

If there is enough interest I am sure we can setup some sort of time for laps for the rest of the bikes. Maybe run a few lap time trail or something to keep everyone safe. I'll chat with the VT team about it some.

Nuts & Volts
08 November 2012, 0720
VT is going to talk to NESBA today. Sounds like we will have to meet AMA rules. You also need a cutoff switch to isolate pack voltage, a indicator light on the front and rear to indicate that it is "on". Fuse, Contactors, covered terminals, secured batteries that will survive a rollover, etc. Doesn't sound like they have specifics, but we could self-police ourselves to meet IOM TT or ECTA runs maybe.

08 November 2012, 1014
V... with professional riders.

ima call Shelina... (Hands off, bitches!)

08 November 2012, 1319
you might need her...im gonna whoop her...lol. no really this sounds cool, i'm ready!

08 November 2012, 1528
Take videos!

We may have to come to this one..

09 November 2012, 0251
"LoL, I just read the posts! I'm IN!!! Tell Whats His Name to Look Out!! ;) If you guys need more AMA racers, I know some that would be interested. Keep me posted!


09 November 2012, 0709
http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-fc/popcorn.gif They Never Come To Oklahoma...

09 November 2012, 0819
I'm in!

09 November 2012, 0942
If we have the bike built and tested and tuned by Spring, we'd be in!

09 November 2012, 1038
who's whats his name?lmao

06 April 2013, 0417
Any update on this, Kyle?

Ken Will
06 April 2013, 0520
Is this the track ?!

Nuts & Volts
06 April 2013, 1301
Any update on this, Kyle?

Unfortunately I do not think is going to happen :(

Since the TTXGP calendar doesn't have any races early in the season VT doesn't have much reason to test this early. Our OSU bike is being shipped next week so we don't have time to set anything up.

Sorry guys