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13 September 2010, 1216
Why hasn't anybody bought this motor yet?


It looks to be a solid ev motor at a decent price... and I've heard nothing but good things from Briggs and Stratton. It's been posted for like two weeks and even though it's underpowered for my application... even I've thought about getting it just to learn the basics of conversion.

I don't know a whole lot about conversions, but why wouldn't folks jump all over a 36v etek style motor? What kind of decisions do I not understand that maybe I should consider when it's time to make my motor choice?

Thanks for any information. I'd like to understand more about different types of EV motors, and why one would chose one type over another.

BTW, what happened to the forum? It seemed to delete all of the posts and my old profile.

13 September 2010, 1259
From what I can see, it doesn't have a bearing that supports the output shaft. There were several styles of this motor. This is not the one intended for a chain/sprocket drive. It apears that it is meant to bolt onto a transmission that has a splined shaft.

IMHO, not worth the trouble to fabricate something so it'd work properly for a motorcycle.

As far as the forum, read this:

13 September 2010, 1313
Also used as A Wind Mill motor......

13 September 2010, 1457
Thanks Frodus! (Saved me $200).

13 September 2010, 1556
One free beer for every $100 saved.....??

Travis has got to have a Keg saved by now! :)

13 September 2010, 1559
Haha, I'll collect on it someday.... unless anyone wants to contribute to my vegas trip for Halloween :)

13 September 2010, 1935
Ha... you guys are too much. LOL.