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21 November 2012, 2227
Ride along with Dani on an Electric Segway as we take a tour of the Hunter Valley EV Show 2012 at the Newcastle foreshore park. Check out the Tesla Roadster, Varley EVR, and the Solar Power Australia Electric DeLorean from Back to the Future fame. There were also many other exciting electric vehicle builds and projects on display at this exciting event.

Promoted by the University of Newcastle, this electric vehicle ev festival once again proves that Australia is a progressive global force in electric vehicle development.

The electric vehicle festival was held over two weekends with two events called the Newcastle EV Show and the Newcastle EV Prize.

If you are interested in participating in this exciting event get along to http://www.hunterevfestival.net for more information about the how to enter the 2013 EV Prize and EV Show in Newcastle, Australia.

You can also order an exclusive DVD featuring the full EV Prize competition video where over twenty schools compete on the Cameron Park International Go Kart Racetrack in a battle of endurance at http://www.evmotorcycle.org


22 November 2012, 0858
Thanks for the video, evmotorcycle. That was fun and interesting. :) Speaking of car shows, I heard mentioned on the radio news this morning that the San Francisco Auto Show, which started today, has its EVs hidden away in a back corner of the show building and that Tesla was not entered in the show - in spite of the fact that they are headquartered and built in the Bay Area. :confused: The news reporter tried to open the door of a Coda and the burglar alarm went off. I guess they want you to look but not touch. Anyway, it seems like EVs are still not getting any respect from the major car manufacturers when it comes to promoting their vehicles to the general public.