View Full Version : FREE! 428 pitch chain, sprockets, replacement shafts for Agnis

24 November 2012, 2041
Edit - pretty much anything worth using is gone.

I have a stack of chains and sprockets from my various exploits with Voltron. I won't ever be using them again, so if they aren't collected by someone else for another project they will wind up as landfill.

I will post them anywhere in Australia by road. Not much use to anyone else, but if you can think of a good project it might be worth sending overseas.

Did I say FREE!?

PM me with your address and I will send them away.

25 November 2012, 0212
That large sprocket would make a nice clock on a kitchen wall somewhere.
Get a jeweller to etch it up with its race history and it would be a cracking bit of memorabilia.
I'm on the wrong side of the world, but let me know if there are no takers and I'll pay for the sprocket and a length of chain to come over to England :p


25 November 2012, 0227
I have a mate picking through it next week, but if there's nothing he wants, or only wants the odd bit I'll let you know.

25 November 2012, 0237
And good luck with your new race bike build

04 December 2012, 0449
All the good stuff is gone; managed to send it over to a young fellow in Sydney putting a bike together, so it's destined to a new life for sure.

04 December 2012, 2006
yea, it is a good news